How to Get a Commercial Building Move-In Ready

Posted by Casandra Properties on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020 at 8:42am.

The average lease term on a commercial building lasts between 3 and 5 years. At the end of that term, you’re faced with a big decision: renew your lease or relocate to a new and better building.

Moving to a new office building can be stressful. However, it can help you grow and expand your business. Once you make the decision to relocate, there are a few things you can do to get the building ready before you move in.

You just need to know where to start. Here are a few key tips you can use to get your new commercial building ready for your company before the movers arrive.

How To Get Commercial Property Ready

Do a Thorough Walkthrough With Your Landlord

Before you can move anything into your new commercial building, you’ll want to do a walkthrough with your landlord to log any damage or issues you missed earlier. Go into each room of your office building and look for signs of damage or wear and tear.

Take pictures of those spots and write down the types of fixes that need to happen before you can start using the building for your business.

Remember, it’s your landlord’s responsibility to make sure the building is in good working condition prior to you moving in. If at all possible, get them to fix the major repair issues before your scheduled move-in date.

If they refuse, you may want to consult with an attorney to make sure they’re fulfilling their end of the lease agreement. The last thing you want to do is pay for repairs that aren’t your responsibility.

Take Care of Renovations

It’s normal for businesses to have to renovate the space to create a commercial building design that works for their needs. If possible, take care of the bulk of those renovations before your move-in date.

It’s always easier for both the construction team and your employees to take care of remodeling before you occupy the space.

The fewer desks and equipment setups that construction teams have to maneuver around, the easier it will be for them to get work done quickly. The less noise your employees have to deal with during the workday, the easier it will be for them to be productive.

Keep in mind that it’s normal for some renovation tasks to get behind schedule. This is okay, but it does mean you’ll want to be forgiving of your team’s output while the construction crew is wrapping up their work.

Update the Locks Before Move-In

Once you take possession of the property but before you move your furniture and equipment into the space, take a look at the locks on the property. It’s always best to rekey or replace the locks to all exterior doors before you move in.

Remember, you have no way of knowing which previous tenants have copies of the key or if there were any disgruntled business owners that might try to wreck the property.

Once you get the new locks installed, you’ll be able to create copies of the new keys at-will. Give those keys to your managerial team and anyone else you deem worthy of the responsibility.  

Schedule a Plumbing Inspection

For most business owners, the biggest maintenance issues come from parts of the building they can’t readily see. It’s easy to overlook problems when you don’t see the damage happening. Your commercial plumbing system is one of the most important and at-risk components of your building.

Before you move in, schedule an inspection with a licensed plumber. Let them inspect the pipes, your plumbing fixtures, and any other components that could pose a threat to your building’s safety.

If they find any issues, they’ll be able to make the necessary repairs or recommend a commercial sewer cleaning appointment to stay ahead of the damage.

Get the Building Cleaned Professionally

Once all repair work and renovations are complete, you’ll need to get the office building spick and span before moving in. This will cut down on the amount of dust your team will have to deal with and ensures that the property is ready to help you get back to work immediately.

While it’s tempting to take on the job on your own, you have hundreds of other things you can and should be doing to prepare for your move. Instead, hire an experienced cleaning service and let them get your building in tip-top shape.

They’ll take care of everything so you can focus on getting your old office packed up.

Make Sure Your Insurance Is in Place

Before you move in, take the chance to review your new insurance policy and make sure it fits your needs. Call your insurance agent and ask them to walk you through the coverage details and get any questions you have answered before the big day.

If you’ve made improvements to the building’s energy efficiency or added value to the property, make sure your coverage is sufficient to protect your business. If there are any gaps or you feel the coverage isn’t extensive enough, upgrade your insurance before you move in.

This way, you’ll be fully protected from the very beginning.

Give Your Team a Tour

Before the movers arrive to deliver furniture and equipment, give your employees a tour of the new space. Let them get the lay of the land and figure out where they’ll be spending their time every day.

By giving them an idea of where each department goes and where the amenities are, they’ll find it easier to unpack and get settled.

Getting Your Commercial Building Move-In Ready Is Easy

Making the decision to move to a new commercial building can be stressful. However, getting your new property move-in ready well ahead of your scheduled move-in day is simple.

Just make sure to keep these tips in mind while you’re working on the new space. When you do, your team will be able to get to work almost as soon as the movers leave.

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