How to Find the Type of Plumber You Need for Various Plumbing Jobs

Posted by Casandra Properties on Friday, January 31st, 2020 at 10:14am.

Did you know there is more than one type of plumber? Just as you wouldn't go to a urologist for foot problems, choosing the right kind of plumber for your work is vital to getting the results you need.

Here's the simple breakdown of the different types of plumbing jobs that are out there, and which one to call for your specific needs.

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1. Residential Plumbers

If you're a home-owner, a residential plumber is probably the type of plumber you imagine when you think of hiring a plumber. Residential plumbers are trained to work strictly with residential plumbing issues.

They gain their experience through apprenticeships working on home toilets, pipes, and water systems. They are the perfect type of plumber to call when you need service or repairs to your home or apartment.

2. Sanitary Plumbers

Interestingly, sanitary plumbers are those who are contacted most frequently. They are uniquely qualified to deal with issues related to sanitary pipes--think toilets and bathtubs. 

This type of plumber is who you contact if your toilet or bathroom shower is plugged up or leaking. They can maintain, remove, or install bathtubs, showers, and toilets. 

3. Commercial Plumbers

If you're a property manager or owner, and you don't have the phone number for a good commercial plumbing contractor, you're in serious trouble. These plumbers work in large, industrial or commercial settings.

They are more qualified for these large systems than a residential plumber would be. 

Hospitals, factories, malls, schools, anywhere that large components or industrial equipment is involved requires a plumber with the know-how and experience. That means a commercial plumber.

Pipes and systems that a commercial plumber deals with are larger and more complex than a home system.

4. Repair and Service Plumbers

Service and repair plumbers are trained primarily in problem-solving issues related to plumbing. They can be called upon when you need cleaning, leaks fixed, water pressure adjustments, and regular maintenance.

Repair plumbers receive specific training to help them figure out what is going wrong with your plumbing and come up with the right solution. They are great detectives and problem-solvers.

5. Water Supply Plumbers

When you need to have kitchen sinks, pipes, bathroom tanks, overhead storage tanks, or even kitchen tanks installed or serviced, it's time to call a water supply plumber. 

These plumbers are also best qualified to deal with issues and installations in your laundry room and related plumbing. 

Water supply plumbers know how to fit tanks and water pipes to your sinks and outlets so you are sure to get clean water where and when you want it.

Plumbing Jobs: Finding the Right Plumber

Understanding the different types of plumbing jobs will guide you when it comes time to hire the exact plumber for your needs. If you know where the issue is occurring, or what type of installation you need, you can hire the specific plumber best qualified to do the work you need.

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