How to Find a Reliable Real Estate Agent

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 Selling or buying a house is one of the biggest investments that people make. Therefore, you need to hire a good real estate agent so you could get the best deal. In this article, we will discuss how you can find a professional real estate agent. 

So, whether you have an empty nest and looking for buyers or are an investor who is searching for vacation properties, or a first-time buyer, all the information you need to get it right the first time is right here.

Difference Between a Real Estate Agent and a Realtor

Every realtor holds a license to act as an agent for the marketing and selling of real estate. However, a real estate agent may not be qualified to be a realtor. Also, a realtor is a member of NAR (National Association of Realtors) and they take an oath to obey the ethics of the association. They have a logo that only them can display.

Finding A Real Estate Agent

Steps to Finding Real Estate Agents

You can follow the steps below to find a good agent when you want to either buy or sell property.

1. Search the Internet for Lists of Agents

There are lots of websites that can refer you to agents, but not all of them are real. Some of those agents may have paid the owners of those websites to get listed there. However, you can still find some that are reliable. You may want to check out Sarnia real estate agents for more information on how to start your search especially if you live in Canada or plan to buy property there.

Another option to try is researching top real estate businesses near you. You can visit their websites to check the profiles of agents at locations that are close to yours. You could check their experience, but some newbies could be good too. They usually spend more time with clients to give them the best. But do not forget to read client comments or reviews.

2. Attend an Open House

When you attend an open house, there will be several agents in attendance. Now, that is a free working environment to meet and interact with some of them. You could collect their business cards, and then make notes of the people you meet. 

You also need to pay rapt attention to the way the agent is displaying the property if you plan on selling. This is because you want an agent who is informative, polite, and persuasive to help you sell your property. 

You can take note of those who distribute professionally designed promotional materials about the property. The ideal agents to observe are those giving tours to attendees and pointing at features of the property. You do not want someone who is just sitting at a corner, reading magazines, and ignoring attendees. You can read this article to get some open house tips for first-time buyers.

3. Track For-Sale Signs in the Neighborhood 

Reliable Real Estate Agent

You could check for buildings that are for sale in your neighborhood. Take note of when they were placed for sale and when the agent places a “sold” sticker on it. Agents who sell listings faster might be good for you compared to those with many sales signs. 

4. Check Print Advertisements

Most times, agents run adverts and they do so for 2 reasons: to promote their business and to sell a specific property. So, you could consider checking the local newspaper in your community for property ads around the targeted neighborhood. After that, you can check the website of the advertising agent. The agent may even be a specialist around your neighborhood.

5. Request Recommendations from Professionals

Well, you may have thought about asking family and friends to recommend agents. But have you thought of finding out from professionals in the real estate industry?

Agents are usually happy to connect sellers and buyers to their associates. This is especially true if they do not specialize in the type of property that you are looking at. For instance, some agents specialize in investment or commercial buildings, while others specialize in selling new homes. 

Additionally, you could request recommendations from loan officers in banks and mortgage brokers. Most of them know exceptional agents. 

You can also check out to find more tips for choosing a real estate agent.


Finding a good real estate agent does not have to be difficult. With the tips shared in this article, you could find one without wasting much time.


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