How to Find a Realtor - Guide by Experts from Coolum Beach Real Estate, QLD

Posted by Casandra Properties on Tuesday, November 24th, 2020 at 11:03am.

Every decision you make in life is important in some way. But one of those that have the most weight is solving the housing issue. Whether you are looking for living space for the first time or changing the current one for a better or bigger, this decision is stressful and certainly financially demanding.

Real estate agents are the key to helping you manage the home purchase. Besides many prejudices, they are a more cost-effective option than going on the market yourself. If you take a look at, you’ll see it's possible to save money and energy on buying real estate by using the services of these professionals. 

But the real question is, how to know which realtor is right for you? The decision of which agent to hire is a big one, so choosing the best one is something that you are going to do carefully. Many different things will affect your decision, and you will want to pay attention to the following things when you are doing your research. 

How To Find A Realtor

Get the Names


When you want to find a real estate agent, you should consider all aspects like cost-effectiveness, reputation and ethics. But you should also think of their work location. Look for someone who operates near the area you're interested in and hence, you will get more opportunities to meet them in person. But the most significant benefit of working with local realtors is their familiarity with the real estate market of your interest.

If you know someone within the neighbourhood where you look to settle, you can ask them to recommend some real estate agencies or agents. You will use these recommendations to get the names for your further research. The final choice should be a trusted real estate agent, so look for the one with good client referrals. 

The Internet is still the best source for finding the realtors you need. Most of the agencies and individual realtors have an online presence, and you can use the information from their websites. You may be wondered by how much a simple search can uncover.

Experience Is a Must


One of the main aspects to keep in mind when you are trying to find the right real estate agent is the amount of experience they have in this field. You will want to take a look at how long they have been working and the percentage of successful home purchase they made. 

You can ask realtors for references from their past clients. That way, you can check the quality of work that they have done in the past. If they can't give you this information, move on to someone who has proof of expertise and work experience.

It's general advice to always look for realtors with proven work history, as they have the knowledge, sales skills, and connections with other realtors. They were all beginners sometimes, but you really don't want to push your look with a real estate novice. Visit this link to see how to become a real estate agent.

Look for Someone You're Comfortable with


You can never know for how long you will cooperate with an agent you hired. Regardless of their efforts to find the proper house for you, it can take a while. As you two will probably spend some time together, you need someone who you are comfortable with.

Professionalism is the first thing you have to look for in realtors, but you shouldn't neglect their soft skills. You two must have open and up-to-date communication in terms of the type of property that you are looking to purchase. Keep in mind that someone good at talking is probably even better at negotiating. 

Once you find a real estate agent whom you feel good about, take the time to interview them. But don't sign the contracts with the first person you meet just because of their sweet talk and promises. Make a list of questions, to try to get to know the realtor and their work ethics better. 

Also, ask the realtors how much they charge for each service they offer. That will give you an insight of what they do and how they make money, allowing you to decide if they are the right for you.

Pay Attention to Commissions

Find A Realtor


You will also want to take a look at how much money realtor are charging. The more money you have to pay for their services, you're probably going to get a better deal. Realtors with higher commissions and many positive references will most likely go above and beyond to make you satisfied and keep their reputation.

It is a good idea to find out how much realtors in your area are charging. That’s something you can easily check, to ensure that you are getting a fair price for your needs. Don't cut corners and base your choice only on the price factor. Sure, it matters, but only if it's matched with other things we mention in this article.

Make the Comparison


There is little chance that you will find a reliable and affordable agent on the first try. If you get recommendations, never rush to hire a realtor, even if all the comments and experiences of others are positive. There are things and skills about agents that you have to see for yourself, and these are their honesty, dedication, and attitude towards you as a client.

So always compare several realtors before making a final decision. Set yourself up as an employer interviewing job candidates, and prepare a list of questions to get answered. That way, you can compare chosen agents and find a perfect fit. If it doesn't exist, find the one whose way of working suits you best and for whom you have a good feeling. It's good to listen to your gut sometimes.


Before hiring an agent, you need to set your expectations. When you have a vision of your dream house, reliable realtors will do their best to find it for you. They will make this adventure a much more enjoyable experience than if you set out in search of a home on your own.


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