How to Display the American Flag on Your Property

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With all the social distancing/isolation that's going on right now, it's easy to feel disconnected from the world. That's why it's more important than ever to remember we're all united as one nation.

And there's no better reminder of this than hanging our nation's colors proudly on your property. Of course, when you take on the solemn duty of honoring your country, it's important to do it the right way.

That's why we've written you this guide on how to display the American flag properly. This guide makes it easy to show your patriotic pride and spread unity in your neighborhood. To learn the etiquette of proper flag display, read on.

American Flag On Your Property

How to Display the American Flag

To display the American flag on your property, the first thing you need is a high-quality flagpole to hang it from. It would be very dishonorable for the flag or flagpole to come loose and fall to the ground.

Part of respecting the flag is being certain that it is securely in place and won't come loose. Therefore, avoid cheaply-made flagpoles or shoddy, DIY flagpole attempts. Instead, check out flagpoles for sale from a reputable dealer and read user reviews first before you buy.

Most people set up their flagpole at an upward 45-degree angle on the front of their homes. It's also acceptable to hang the pole horizontally.

Next, the flag should already have holes or rings in it for the flagpole's rope to go through. Use these to attach the flag to the flagpole. Make sure you follow the flagpole's instructions carefully and that the flag and flagpole are securely fastened.

When/How to Take Down, Transport, Store, or Retire Your Flag

When/how to retire your flag is described in the US Flag Code. This code is the official set of flag care guidelines included in our nation's laws.

In short, it specifies that flags that are in poor condition (stained, torn, frayed, etc.) or have touched the ground must be retired. Retiring means to completely destroy the flag in a respectful manner. Burning is the most acceptable method.

The best way to prevent your flag from getting ruined in the first place is to keep it out of adverse weather. High winds and heavy precipitation can quickly damage your flag.

During takedown, transport, and storage, never let the flag touch the ground. If it does, it must be retired. Fold it correctly to store it and keep it sealed in a protective storage container if possible.

Hanging the American Flag at Half Staff

Lastly, you are sometimes required to hang the American flag at half-mast. And by "required," we mean required by law. This is part of your responsibility if you choose to display the flag on your property.

Fortunately, it's easy to know when to do this. Just visit for notifications about the days and times that flying at half staff is ordered. Do this every day that you will be displaying your flag. 

Respect the Stars and Stripes 

If you accept the solemn duty of honoring the flag, do it right. Always follow these guidelines on how to display the American flag.

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