How Long Does It Take to Build a Garage for Your Home?

Posted by Casandra Properties on Wednesday, February 24th, 2021 at 8:30pm.

Building a garage is a dream and a luxury for many homeowners. After all, who wouldn't want a secure spot to park their car after a long workday or a place to hide unsightly storage boxes?

You may have lofty goals of creating this space, but what you want to know is how long does it take to build a garage?  

Read on to discover types of garages, the garage process, and the best garage ideas! 

Building A Garage

Types of Garages 

Building a garage means determining individual homeowner goals and property logistics.

Do you have more than one car? Do you need extra storage, or will you need a workshop? Do you have the land to build a detached garage?

You may want to consider how your garage will function in the future. Will your kids learn to drive and need cars of their own? These are special considerations to keep in mind. 

These are all important garage process questions that will affect your timeline.

Here Are Some Popular Garages for Homes: 

  • Detached garage 
  • Attached garage 
  • Single door garage 
  • Multiple door garage 
  • Portable garage and carports 

The type of garage you want impacts how long it takes to build.

Garage Process: Preparation and Installation 

Once you have selected your type of garage, preparation and installation can begin.  

Building a garage starts with the foundation! The Garage Force process provides the preparation and installation of a floor coating and other services. You'll get top-quality results in just one day.  

Check out this garage plan article that walks you through the preparation and installation process, including blueprints, building directions, and diagrams.  

How Long Does It Take to Build a Garage?

Now, let's get down to it. How long does it take to build a garage? 

According to The Family Handyman, building a garage can take "multiple days."

While each garage build process will depend on your type, size, budget, design, and other additions expect the following general timeline.

Building the Garage Structure: Up to 7 Days 

This step is the most involved and time-consuming. Whether you are hiring a contractor or taking on a DIY project, the foundation of your garage is a crucial first step that can speed up or delay the rest of the process.

Building the garage structure involves creating the structural frame, insulation installation, roof, windows, siding, and more. 

Design: Up to 5 Days 

During the design process, paint, trim, and storage or workshop areas are finalized.

For design inspiration and the best garage ideas to maximize your plans, check out this link.  

Final Touches: Up to 2 Days

Your garage is nearly complete! Final touches include: shopping for storage containers or furniture, sealing floors, checking the electricity connection and door functionality.

Special Considerations 

So, how long does it take to build a garage? It may take some time, money, and a solid plan, but the payoff and comfort of having your very own space make the effort well worth it!

Remember to keep special considerations like budget and future usage at the top of your mind. While you may establish a budget at the onset of your garage plan, remember that the timeline may increase this number, so plan accordingly.

For more home and construction advice, check out the rest of our blog!

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