How Is Big Data Used to Embark on New Construction?

Posted by Casandra Properties on Friday, December 6th, 2019 at 10:10am.

As with most other industries, the construction sector has not been left untouched by the big data revolution. By some estimates, data is the most valuable resource on the planet, worth more than gold and oil.

The big data industry has aided the construction industry to facilitate smarter homebuilding, more efficient use of resources and people-focused construction. If you want to know how is big data used to aid construction projects, read on to find out. 

How Is Big Data Used Before Building Starts? 

Before the foundations are even laid down, big construction companies use vast amounts of data to inform their planning.

For starters, they will compute and analyze data relating to the area they are considering building on. Often, companies will use big data processes to decide exactly where to build in the first place.

They will use traffic data and local business data to determine the quality of life in a neighborhood. They will pull and analyze social media posts and data to help determine how the community may best respond to a building project.

They will use geological data such as pollution levels and wind speeds in the area to determine whether they need to add any protective features to a building project.

Once this process is completed, buildings data will be used to inform every single stage of the design process.

Design platforms such as CAD, which are popular through the big construction industry, use past data to help draw up flawless design models. All of the factors previously mentioned will be used throughout a data-driven design process. 

Big Data and Marketing 

Another crucial use of big data in construction and housebuilding is for marketing purposes. A building project lives or dies based on whether the project can reach its target audience.

For example, if you're building, say, single-family residential dwellings for a middle-income demographics, you need to be able to get the message out to that audience. This is where data-driven marketing processes come in.

Thanks to tech platforms that offer home builder lead generation based on the latest market data.

The home build industry now has access to all of the consumer data that is needed to reach potential customers. All they need is the right resources to utilize it. 

Data-Driven Construction 

Every step of the construction process is now optimized with big data analytics. Sensors are often placed across the construction site, to calculate how and when equipment is being used.

This data can then inform how construction companies choose to rent the equipment so that they spend more efficiently.

Similarly, big data can be used to improve safety on a construction site, by highlighting potential danger areas and recommending best practice approaches. Geolocation data can be used to improve logistics, ensuring that not a single second is wasted during the building process. 

Learn More 

Learning how is big data used in construction is just one step to getting to grips with this rapidly changing industry.

To learn more about the latest technological trends in construction, make sure to follow our Real Estate Learning Center for all of the updates you need. 

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