How 3D Visualization Has Changed Real Estate Marketing

Posted by Casandra Properties on Saturday, December 14th, 2019 at 10:55am.

Let's face it, the days of leaving our homes every time we want to make a purchase are quickly coming to an end.

In fact, some of us put in extra effort to make our purchases digitally so that we can get them as quickly as possible.

Every day we are diving further into the digital age by buying electronics, furniture, and now even cars online! It should come as no surprise that home buying is starting to follow this trend by offering the virtual reality real estate tour.

The entire home-buying process can now be done online, so you are going to want to catch up with your competition.

Keep reading to learn about why 3D visualization is growing, and how it can benefit you!

The Growth of 3D Visualization

As technology continues to grow, it's no surprise that real estate is following this trend.

3D visualization truly is the future of real estate. More and more real estate offices and realtors are seeing the benefit of 3D visualization, which is causing it to grow every year. 

Gaining Popularity

In the past, homebuyers would have to flip through books full of poor-quality photos to get a sense of the market.

Not only do we now have the option to see dozens of high-quality pictures of homes online, but 3D visualization makes us feel like we're actually there! A virtual reality real estate tour is not only great for buying a home but selling your home as well.

What was once a futuristic, foreign concept, is now a great business tool to improve efficiency!


Cost to Have a Virtual Reality Real Estate Tour

Virtual tours in real estate are a pretty complex, and time-consuming feature to master.

Because of how much labor goes into creating virtual tours, the costs to add this feature have been high at times. For a long time, it was considered a luxury for realtors to use.

Now, standard 3D tours are common and their virtual reality counterparts are taking the real estate world by storm.

Past Vs. Present

3D virtual tours are not a new concept.

While 3D virtual tours have been practiced for quite some time, it wasn't until recently that they were affordable to the general population. Virtual tours were a luxury that only wealthy realtors and companies had the means to afford.

Now, companies are cutting their prices so that they are much more affordable to those looking to make home-buying more convenient.

For example, cameras that were made for creating 3D tours were selling for as much as $5000, which really limited the number of people who could afford to buy them. Now, these same cameras are selling for as little as $300!

The price to virtually stage a room is about half of what it was five years ago as well.


Benefits of Using Technology in Real Estate

Just like any other area of business, technology gives us the ability to offer what almost all consumers are looking for: convenience.

The easier your services fit into your potential client's life, the more motivated they are going to be to use them.


Having the ability to look at a home you're interested in buying without having to even leave your bed makes the buying process so convenient.

In the past, a potential home buyer would have to tour home after home until they've found the best fit for them. Once they found their dream home, they would need to meet with the realtor each time they needed to sign a document for the closing.

With so many schedules to work around, meeting up every time you need to sign something or see a home can be such a hassle. Plus, it's just going to push back your move-in date.

On top of having the ability to see a home virtually and e-sign the documents, notarizing can be done via webcam. How much easier can it get than that?

Innovated Virtual Tours

The market for virtual tours is only continuing to expand and grow.

Standard realtors often offer a 3D home tour which allows you to navigate the home at your own pace and from wherever it is convenient for you. These can be done from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Luxury real estate is taking this option a step further by offering virtual reality tours that make you feel like you're actually walking through the home! 

On top of touring a home as a home-buyer, those who are selling their home can completely personalize the experience. Technology now allows you to remove clutter from the home and add stage furniture to an empty home.

No more running around and making the house spotless before taking photos for the listing. Plus, your potential buyers don't have to wonder what the home looks like furnished.

Potential Problems with Virtual Reality Real Estate 

While virtuality reality in real estate has so many benefits, there are a couple of concerns as well.

Virtual reality makes homes seem almost too "perfect." When touring a home virtually, it can be easy to miss potential flaws with the home, such as knicks in the walls, tears in the carpet, or stains. 

To address this problem, the visual effects professionals have started adding more and more detail to more accurately show the home.

On top of missing potential home flaws, using virtual reality to tour a home takes away the ability to touch, smell, and interact with the home. For many, this is a crucial part of buying a home.

For others, all that matters is how the home looks.

Is Virtual Reality Going to Fit Your Needs?

If you're looking for a way to make home-buying easier, then virtual reality might be just the next step you're looking for.

Every day, consumers are looking for the fastest and easiest way to make a purchase, and home-buying is entering that arena.

If you loved learning about the virtual reality real estate tour, then check out our other blog posts about home buying!


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