Holidays and Pets

Posted by Casandra Properties on Monday, November 19th, 2018 at 9:56am.

The Holidays are here so let’s not forget about the furry part of our families.  While we may consider them as our human counterparts, they are not and certain items which we can handle are not tolerable to them and even dangerous. Let’s keep them safe so they too have a happy, healthy holiday season. Here at Casandra Properties, we love our pets!

Following are some tips and recommendations from the ASPCA and the American Veterinary Medical Association.   


Foods to avoid:

Chocolate – The toxicity of chocolate will depend on the type of chocolate and size of your pet.  Just be safe and keep all chocolate off limits and out of reach.

Sweets – Sweets which contain Xylitol have been linked with liver damage in dogs.  Xylitol is an artificial sweetener.

Turkey and turkey skin– even in small amounts can cause a life-threatening condition in pets called pancreatitis – WHO KNEW!   Of course, avoid poultry bones and any other very fatty table scraps.  Onions, raisins and grapes are also especially bad for your pets.


Sometimes it takes a lot of will power to say no to that cute face, those pleading eyes, or that gentle nudge.  To assuage that guilt, keep pet friendly snacks handy for you and your guests to spoil your pets with.


Holiday Decorations:

Holly & Mistletoe:  If eaten, Holly can cause pets nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. (You really don’t want to deal with this during a holiday celebration.)  Mistletoe can cause gastrointestinal upset and perhaps cardiovascular problems.  Many varieties of lilies can even cause kidney failure in cats.

Christmas Trees:  Along with protecting your toddler if you have one, it is a good idea to tie your tree to a wall or ceiling.  Curious cats can climb up knocking over your tree.

Water Additives:  Stick to just water for your tree.  Anything else ingested by your pet may cause it harm and is not necessary for your tree.

Decorations:  Tinsel and confetti can be very attractive to cats.  If you own a cat, steer clear of these very attractive dangerous ornaments.  Be cognizant of any glass ornaments that may have shattered.  If that happens, clean up thoroughly and check your pets’ paws.


Many of us will be hosting family during the season.  Remember your pet may not be as familiar with them as you.  The friendliest and most docile animal can get nervous with all the hustle and bustle.   Try to give your pet a private space to escape to if possible, to take a rest and be sure to keep tempting foods and drinks clearly out of reach.  


By: Sonia Tomai

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