Hiring Asbestos Removal Brisbane Services to Avoid Asbestos Danger

Posted by Casandra Properties on Saturday, September 5th, 2020 at 3:48pm.

Are you suspecting asbestos presence in your home? These silicate minerals can be found in insulation systems, roofing shingles, old furnaces, floor tiles, and other common products around the house. 

Asbestos poses no danger as long as it’s safely confined within such products. Anyhow, once the products show the first signs of damage, the toxic fibers are released in the atmosphere, thus exposing residents to extreme hazards.

Upon noticing the first signs of indoor air pollution, homeowners are advised to ask for immediate professional assistance. Nowadays, there is a multitude of asbestos removal companies, such as Brisbane Irwin Asbestos Removal, specializing in house inspections, abatement, and safe disposal of these toxic minerals. 

The following tips will assist you in hiring the right services.

Look for licensed contractors

The primary thing to consider when looking for such services is hiring a licensed company. These technicians are expected to be licensed in order to fulfill the imposed health regulations by the government. Licensed contractors are equipped with the necessary training in a safe removal of asbestos materials from both residential and commercial buildings and proper disposal of hazardous waste. 

Rgearding licensing, clients are provided with class A and class B licensed services, both specific in their benefits. Class A removal technicians are licensed to handle both friable and non-friable asbestos of any quantity, whereas class B experts at proficient at handling the non-friable type, referring to the one that isn’t likely to be crumbled or airborne. Additionally, these professionals aren’t required to present a license when removing asbestos materials within an area not larger than ten square meters. 

Request a house inspection

When suspecting exposure to asbestos in your house, you’re encouraged to ask for a house inspection prior to the removal process. Such an inspection is crucial for detecting the exact location of this harmful material on your property. Nevertheless, some companies are known to skip the process of inspection, hence removing any type of suspicious material, even the products that aren’t toxic. 

Therefore, make sure the company you hire doesn’t overlook the importance of a house inspection in order to prevent unnecessary property deterioration. Such an examination is also required after the removal process to ensure no fibers are left in the atmosphere. In the course of the removal, the asbestos tester is responsible for assessing the air quality in the area. Click here to check out the impact of this mineral on indoor air quality. 

Consider the experience and specialization of the contractor

The experience of such removal companies is of crucial importance for the expertise their technicians provide to clients. It’s important to hire a contractor that has experience in removing these silicate minerals from various facilities, such as residential properties, hospitals, shopping malls, factories, hospitals, and other types of facilities. Also, make sure the professionals you hire have local experience under their belts, which is crucial for detecting asbestos much faster than inexperienced technicians would.

While some companies provide clients with a myriad of services, others offer specialized services in a particular field of asbestos removal. For instance, contractors may specialize in house inspections, re-inspections, mold remediation, or painting services. It’s vital for the company you choose to match your requirements in order for the removal process to be completed more effectively. 

Consider the tools and equipment

Prior to hiring a removal contractor, you’re strongly advised to inspect the type of tools and protective equipment, used by the employees during the work process. For example, these technicians are expected to use powerful vacuum cleaners, equipped with HEPA filters, for maximal suction of asbestos particles from the air. In order to prevent contamination to the other parts of the property, workers are supposed to cover the areas with polythene sheets. The following link, https://www.explainthatstuff.com/hepafilters.html, explains the way in which HEPA filters work.

In terms of protective clothing, these professionals are required to wear disposable coveralls to prevent their clothes from being contaminated. Also, safety footwear in the form of gumboots or steel-capped boots is recommended to be used. Footwear with laces is strictly forbidden to be worn due to the likelihood of lace contamination. Single-use gloves should be worn in the course of the removal process and disposed of immediately after its completion. 

Furthermore, it’s of essential importance for asbestos technicians to wear suitable respiratory protection to impede the harmful exposure to these minerals. The Class P1 and Class P2 disposable respirators are believed to provide the best protection as long as they’re properly fitted to one’s face. 

Check out the waste disposal methods

Considering the detrimental health effects of asbestos, it’s paramount for removal companies to provide proper waste disposal methods. The exposure to these toxic mineral fibers dramatically increases the likelihood of developing lung cancer, as well as mesothelioma. The latter refers to an extremely rare type of chest cancer, usually caused by such an exposure. Additionally, people are likely to develop asbestosis, referring to a severe disease that causes permanent damage to the lungs. 

Therefore, make sure you hire a contractor who’s equipped with a waste carrier license, which allows him to dispose of asbestos solely at licensed dumping grounds. The removed material is supposed to be properly packed in two bags within plastic sheets, placed inside a vehicle with a special chamber for this kind of transportation. After completing the waste disposal process, the company is obliged to provide you with a manifest that verifies the safety of the procedure.

Check insurance

Taking the hazardous nature of asbestos into account, removal contractors are obliged to provide insurance coverage in the form of workers’ compensation and public liability. The employee compensation insurance provides coverage in the event of bodily harm, sustained during the working process. In contrast, public liability covers the damage in the case of a deterioration of your property or the one of a third-party, during the removal.

Final word

Hiring such services is crucial for protecting your family’s health and preventing unfavorable scenarios! 

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