Guide to Selling Your House to an Investor

Posted by Casandra Properties on Monday, July 13th, 2020 at 7:14pm.

You're thinking about selling your house. However, you must go through the hassle of selling the home. Also, you don't know how to stage your house to sell quickly.

You don't have to learn about home staging when selling your house to an investor.

With investor buyers, you don't have to showcase your home to an audience. They'll buy a home regardless of the condition.

With that, sellers must know the pros and cons of selling to an investor. Let's explore. 

Selling to an investor

Who Do Investor Buyers Typically Target?

Overall, investors target sellers who must sell their homes quickly. Investors usually deal with the following types of sellers:

  • People with financial problems 
  • People who are late on their mortgages and are facing foreclosure
  • People dealing with tax issues (i.e. tax liens)
  • People contending with probate properties 
  • People whose homes have been sitting on the market for too long

For many sellers, investors tend to buyers of last resort.

Are Investor Buyers Trustworthy?

Since many sellers offer their homes under dire circumstances, you may come across unscrupulous buyers looking to prey on you. There are many local investors who buy homes, but some don't have a solid reputation. Since real estate investors don't have official licensure, the industry is rife with scammers. 

Research the background of an investor to avoid swindlers. Look for reviews, or ask previous sellers about the investor's business practices. 

Why Do Investors Want to Buy My Property?

From an investor's viewpoint, they're investing in the potential earnings that your property can yield in the future. As a result, they're willing to buy your home AS-IS. This means you don't have to spruce up the place before selling it.

  • Note: If you're looking to sell your home at market value, you may be in for a disappointment. Investors usually buy homes at a lower price than market value. 

Investors buy many types of properties, no matter how dilapidated they are.

From there, they'll conduct the necessary upgrades. After, they'll sell or rent the property accordingly. An investor buyer is a great option if you cannot afford to repair or upgrade the property. 

How Fast Do Investor Buyers Operate?

Due to increased competition, investors are willing to offer quick cash offers. In many cases, you'll receive an offer within 24 hours.

Moreover, you may encounter multiple investors in your area. Therefore, you can review the offers of several buyers and accept the best offer. This is especially true during a seller's market

Is Selling Your House to An Investor the Right Choice?

Selling your house to an investor is the quickest way to get the cash you need. If you don't know how to sell your house in this market, an investor can work with your situation. 

The investor's job is to find creative solutions to your problems. They'll also help you get a satisfactory sum from the closing. However, trustworthy buyers are realistic about your circumstance.

Many sellers price their homes too high. Other sellers are better off listing with an agent. Overall, sellers who need fast cash should choose investors. 

Want more tips on selling your house quickly? Read more on our blog to learn residential investments.  

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