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The Holidays are here so let’s not forget about the furry part of our families.  While we may consider them as our human counterparts, they are not and certain items which we can handle are not tolerable to them and even dangerous. Let’s keep them safe so they too have a happy, healthy holiday season. Here at Casandra Properties, we love our pets!

Following are some tips and recommendations from the ASPCA and the American Veterinary Medical Association.   


Foods to avoid:

Chocolate – The toxicity of chocolate will depend on the type of chocolate and size of your pet.  Just be safe and keep all chocolate off limits and out of reach.

Sweets – Sweets which contain Xylitol have been linked with liver damage in dogs.  Xylitol is an artificial

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As real estate professionals, it’s important to stay informed when it comes to industry news. The landscape is constantly changing especially with the advent of new technology in the digital arena. This is changing the way we sell, market and purchase real estate. 

It’s been reported that a new start up called Bungalo has launched a solely digital platform where buyers can search, finance and purchase newly renovated homes. Bungalo joins a growing group of iBuying platforms that includes Opendoor, Zillow and Redfin. All of these online platforms purchase and sell homes directly to clients after renovating the houses. 

According to the Company’s CEO, Greg Stuart, Bungalo will start by selling 25 homes in Dallas-Forth Worth and 10 in Tampa, Florida,

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