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Posted by Casandra Properties on Monday, April 29th, 2019 at 1:34pm.

FSBOTaking on an FSBO can be an arduous task. Here are some tips to get you through this process. First, get your home ready for sale, check out these basic tips on how to get your abode ready to grace the market. 


Spruce it up! When gearing up to put your place on the market, it is important that you spruce the place up a bit. Touch up your landscaping, clean up the exterior of your home, make repairs, and clean out/organize your closets. These few improvements will enhance your home’s curb appeal and boost potential buyer’s first impressions of your home. Messy closets give off the impression that there isn't enough storage in your home. Even if that is the case, you don’t want to give off that impression! Clean fresh exterior and landscaping make it easier for a potential buyer to see themselves in your home. 


Depersonalize the place. When approaching listing, you should start to separate yourself from your home. Very soon (hopefully) the home will belong to someone else and become the foundation of their memories. By starting to separate your memories from the actual house, you are not necessarily preparing your home for sale, rather, preparing your mind. This will help you in all other phases of the process. First and foremost, remove clutter! Put extra furniture and other belongings in storage throughout this process. Put away your photos, knickknacks and other similar decor items. This is like performing a factory reset on your home. Over time, the place has become a reflection of you as you’ve lived your life in the home. During the sale process, it’s important to present a home that allows potential buyers to envision themselves and their lives.


Brighten it up!  To finish off this factory reset of your home, add some shine! Polish your kitchen, bathrooms, floors, windows, countertops, and other surfaces. If you can, have a company come in and do a deep clean sweep of the place. This will freshen the place up and make things look like new again. Add fresh coats of paints to your walls and neutralize your wall colors. Paint is the easiest way to brighten up any space! 


Pay attention to the details!  With the tips above, your home should already be immaculate, but make sure to pay attention to the details. When it comes time to host showings, treat it as if you are hosting a very important party. Leading up to the showing, be aware of the smells in your home. Refrain from cooking foods with lingering smells. Make the experience luxurious. Add some fresh towels and scented candles in your bathroom and do not forget to close your toilet seat! Make the beds and make sure all rooms, spaces, and closets are in their most presentable manner.


 After you’ve simply prepared the space, it’s time to do research. At this point, you have to price your home and establish a sales price. The most effective way to do this is to assess the current real estate market as it pertains to your home (location, size, age, etc.) and figure out where your home fits compared to those comparable in the market. This market analysis is imperative to the sale of your home. As part of the strategic marketing that is required to get your home sold, you want to make sure that your properties introduction to the market is positive and will help get the ball rolling. Homes that are not properly priced or marketed can waste time sitting on the market.


There are legislative regulations that you must abide by when selling your home. Hire a real estate attorney to keep you apt on everything you need to know regarding the law. Market, market, market your home for sale! Buy yard signs, plan open houses, write your listing statement and post to for sale platforms. When offers begin to roll in remember to be negotiable. Based on your research of the market, you should aim to earn within a certain margin of the established value of your home. Be prepared to negotiate and consider contingent offers.


Selling a home is a long and multi-faceted process that is comprised of several equally important steps. To sell a home you must prepare the property, perform a comprehensive market analysis, market your home, navigate offers and contingencies, navigate escrow and closing, all while remaining in compliance with the law. While there are instances where owners can navigate this entire process on their own, it is almost always easier to hire a real estate professional to guide you through this process.


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