Five Reasons to Consider Roof Repair

Posted by Casandra Properties on Friday, February 5th, 2021 at 9:16am.

Have you ever noticed when house shopping that one of the first selling points a realtor mentions is that the home has had a new roof installed recently? There’s a reason for that to be pointed out first. 

Roof repair can become expensive if you don’t take the steps to properly maintain your roof and end up needing the entire roof replaced. Realtors know that a new roof is a big selling point for new homeowners. 

The good news is that if you aren’t in the market for a new house and are instead looking to maintain the home you have now, taking preventative measures with keeping your roof maintained will save you a major hassle in the long run. Roof repair may not be one of the more exciting components of homeownership, but it is definitely one of the most imperative. 

Reasons to repair your roof

Reason #1- Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain

You’ve heard the phrase short term pain for long term gain right? Okay, so maybe investing in your roof won’t be physically painful for you, but you may be concerned about the impact your bank account might feel. 

If you can think of it as preventing a major expense in the future, then you will be motivated to maintain the roof now before it becomes a bigger problem from wear and tear over time. According to the experts, it is recommended to conduct a yearly roof inspection. 

It is suggested to have a professional roofing contractor come in the fall to ensure that there aren’t any repairs that need to be completed before the harsh winter weather sets in. Getting your roof inspected once a year means that you will be able to keep up with little maintenance items like replacing a loose shingle here and there instead of dealing with much larger problems later on. 

Reason #2- A New Material May Last Much Longer

If you’ve never researched roof materials before, you will be excited to learn that certain materials can last between fifty to one hundred years! If your roof is at the point of needing to be replaced completely, it is worth doing some research to choose a material that will last. 

Materials such as clay, cement, metal, or slate can last for a lifetime, literally. These materials may cost more upfront, but the payoff is never having to replace your roof again. Plus when the next storm hits, you won’t be anxiously wondering whether your roof will hold up as many of the materials used in the roofing industry now are built for longevity and durability. 

Reason #3- Ignoring Means Damaging More Than Just the Roof

The problem with neglecting roof repairs is that you end up neglecting more than just the roof. If you notice a small leak during a storm and leave it untouched, with the next storm the leak may be much larger. And even worse, it will likely have caused structural damage to the home as well.  If you notice any water stains on your upstairs ceilings or walls, it is often due to a leak in the roof. 

Even if you end up just patching the leak for a temporary fix, that is definitely better than doing nothing at all. Patching a leak can buy you years of time to save money to be able to afford a more permanent roof repair. 

If you don’t address the problem now, you are likely going to be dealing with issues in your attic, foundation, or ceilings later on. No matter what, don’t let roof damage go untouched or you will end up doubling the cost once you do get around to completing repairs.

Reason #4- You May End Up Lowering Your Heating and Cooling Bill

Air Conditioners HVAC

If you are someone who appreciates more bang for your buck, it is often true that when you fix a leak in the roof your heating or cooling bill will decrease as well. Why? 

Well, once the damage is repaired from the roof you will have also repaired the insulation in your home. And better insulation means that your air conditioning or heating unit can run more efficiently which will save you money over time. 

Reason #5- Health Concerns

Have you noticed that your allergies have gotten worse over time? Or have you noticed a damp or moldy smell in your house? The culprit may be a leak in the roof. Even the tiniest of cracks or holes in a roof allows water to get inside. And when water gets inside your home, mold is likely to follow. 

Water has to go somewhere and it usually tends to accumulate over time and cause mold damage to the interior of your home. If you have any suspicion that there may be water damage from a leaky roof, it is important to get it fixed right away to stop a mold problem from taking over. The air quality of your home can be impacted in even the slightest of ways when a leaky roof goes unrepaired so fix it sooner rather than later for a breath of fresh air. 

A Properly Maintained Roof

Roof Repair

As a homeowner sometimes it is hard to accept that some of your hard-earned money has to go to something as unexciting as roof repair. However, if you think of it as an investment in both your home and your health, it is well worth the cost. 

Getting your roof checked out annually will help save you the hassle of major repairs building up over time. Another thing to consider is that insurance companies are often aware when a homeowner is filing a claim as to whether or not the roof damage is a new problem or has been ongoing. 

An insurance company will be much more likely to help cover some of the cost if it is a first time problem which just adds to the list of many reasons for why you need to maintain your roof regularly. Just remember that a small investment in your roof now is preventing you from having to make a much larger, unwanted investment later down the road. 


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