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Posted by Casandra Properties on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020 at 8:36am.

Planning to get your new house painted? Whether you are renovating your exterior walls or getting it done for the first time, painting the exterior walls of your house not only adds a vibrant touch to it but also aids in protecting it from externally damaging elements including harsh weather conditions. A fresh coat of paint can also increase the curb appeal of your property.

Finding reliable painters who can do a good exterior painting job for your home can seem like an arduous task with a multitude of contractors boasting their skills and experience. If you are looking for top rated Spokane painters, these tips can help you identify dependable painters who can give your home a facelift. Some jobs are best done by expert hands and with these tips, you will be able to find one in Spokane hassle-free.

Count on their experience and professionalism

If you could have done the job, why would you hire, right? When appointing a professional exterior painter, don’t forget to take a look at their experience along with the credentials. 

Contractors who have been in the trade for years not only have skilled workmen but are likely to have the appropriate knowledge of what would work best for your structure. A good painter will be open to understanding your needs, discuss the pros and cons of your plan before beginning any work.

How professional is your shortlisted agency? Do they respond to your calls promptly? Do they incorporate your suggestions readily or are at least open to discussing the plan with you. Do they have an office or a service desk that’s reachable? Professionalism tells a lot about the contractor and its commitment. Be it time or quality, they should be able to deliver as promised.

Reputation is the key to picking the best

When you’re looking for a painting agency in Spokane, you can’t overlook the importance of their reputation. A good reputation is formed over years of good service delivery and a well-reputed company will never let its earned name and fame fizzle easily. Before hiring, consider asking around.

You can always consult your family, friends, or neighbors who might have got their homes painted by your shortlisted agency. Alternatively, you can look up their website for testimonials written by their previous clients or check for reviews on local online forums.

Review the quotation 

Knowledge is power and as a customer, you need to be aware of what all you will be paying for. Every customer has a budget and agencies know it. Seek for a detailed quotation from your agency and make sure there are no hidden costs.

Open communication and asking for a detailed quotation can help. Do they cover the cost of painting the window frames, doors, or just the wall area; your contractor must specify every detail. Any renowned painting agency will never shy away from giving you a detailed quotation. You can do some groundwork by estimating the cost; here’s how you can calculate it 

You may ask for more than one quotation from different agencies for a comparative analysis of what fits your budget closely. A reliable painter will have no qualms in giving you a written quotation right away!

Also, don’t compromise on the quality of work. Low priced materials may look alluring but you have to remember that it’s the exterior of your house that’s subject to all forms of weather conditions so you have to be sure of its long-term durability. 

Saving a few bucks may not always be profitable in the end. However, using a fine sense to take a comprehensive call is what matters so that the agency does not rule your choices.

Pay attention to details 

Spokane Painters

Your paint contractor can also help you select the appropriate colors that can elevate the overall appearance and aesthetics of the house. Selecting the wrong color can keep haunting you for years to come. 

The chosen color should go well with the other elements of your home such as trims, shutters, trim, molding, and downspouts. You also have to consider the overall style of the architecture when selecting a color.

Certain colors look the best on certain styles. For instance, warm colors such as red and orange, or brown and even cream go well with brick styled exteriors. Hop on to this forum for more ideas on what colours to pick for your house. 

Testing the paint in natural lighting would be a good idea before committing to one shade. Check with your agency if they are ready to paint a swatch on the exterior walls of your home so that you can see how it turns out after drying. When hiring a contractor for your Spokane home, always ascertain that they use the right equipment, use high-quality products, have a license, offer insurance and warranty.

A good agency will be able to balance and complement the exterior with the interior to encase the best look that suits the house.

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