Exterior Home Trends: 5 of the Most Popular House Siding Colors

Posted by Casandra Properties on Tuesday, January 21st, 2020 at 2:18pm.

Are you looking to give the exterior of your home an exciting make-over?

Installing new siding can completely change the appearance of your home.

Gone are the days when you had a limited selection of boring siding options. With so many available siding colors now though, how can you possibly choose? 

We'll take a look at some of the offerings that are trending for 2020 to help make your decision easier. 


Blue - in a variety of hues and shades - has become one of the most popular colors for siding over the past few years.

It could be the soothing effects of the color or the fact that it pairs well with so many other colors. Whatever the case, blue seems to suggest peace and serenity

Coastal Blue is a rich blue that evokes a feeling of being by the sea. It's especially beguiling with bright white trim.

Mystic Blue also has a nautical element - though it could be equally compared to the sky at twilight. It's a color that makes a statement without being loud about it.


The muted green of Cypress is close enough to a neutral to appeal to more conservative tastes. Yet it also has enough punch to work well on houses belong to those who want some color. 

Cypress works with a multitude of accent colors as well. 

For something more classic and traditional, Forest Green continues to be a top choice. Similar to Cypress, it works well with accent colors - particularly those that are bold. 

Finally, if Mother Earth could choose a siding color, it would probably be Sage. This soft yet vibrant shade reminds one of lush forest carpet and woodland foliage. 


The pale, yellow tones of Marigold will brighten and lighten your home's exterior without being too bold or outstanding. It works on a variety of different architectural styles and in many geographic regions. 

For another mature and sophisticated lemony yellow, there's Caramelized Pears. This hue is brighter than Marigold, so it's a good idea to tone it down a bit by using balancing it with warmer hued trim.


Maybe your home would fare better with siding that has more of a woody appearance. You can!

For example, Cedar provides a warm and rich red tone while Mahogany provides deeper brown tones that fit in with any surroundings. For good contrast, pair either with cooler tones. 


If you speak to an expert at a vinyl siding company they know that not everyone wants full-on color adorning the exterior walls of their home.

Natural Clay conjures a classic look with a strong neutral tone. If you want a splash of color, you could use a bold contrasting shade on your gutters or front door.

Meanwhile, Newport Taupe is a great balance of gray and beige and works well with rich red and brown accents. 

Which Siding Colors Appeal to You?

Your siding color choice will depend on a number of factors, including the region where you live, the architectural style of your house, and, of course, your own personal taste.

No matter what you choose, you can't go wrong with giving your home a brand new look.

And for all the latest on Staten Island real estate news, keep checking back with our blog!


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