Episode 60: Young, Motivated, Driven: How A Young Investor Is Creating Something Special From Scratch

On the latest episode of the Casandra Properties Podcast, CEO, published author, and podcast host James Prendamano along with Operations Manager Rebecca Matulonis sit down with Jacob Taylor, a talented young investor who started his own podcast in search of learning the real estate industry, himself.

Jacob Taylor is wise beyond his years. He’s 21 years old, already successfully making deals in  real estate, and the host of the podcast, Real Estate Money Talk. James Prendamano, himself, notes how the real estate podcasting community has become a family that has helped him forge connections he otherwise wouldn’t have been able to make. Jacob Taylor couldn’t agree more about how welcoming the community has been. In fact, Jacob started his podcast not to tout his own real estate expertise, but rather to learn from the experts firsthand and share those teachings with his audience.

Originally born in Kentucky, Jacob Taylor now lives Pompano Beach, Florida and is a student. He’ll be a senior next year. Jacob is still in school but that doesn’t mean he isn’t already wise – especially when it comes to real estate investing. He recorded his first podcast on Christmas Day 2020 and says he loves it because they are mutually beneficial. At first he had a hard time finding people who would be a guest. Eventually after doing a few episodes, he has already connected with some key folks in the business.

Jacob’s mom had always wanted him to ‘focus on the one thing that he loves and do it.’ Well, he certainly is doing that. James Prendamano laughs and says he’s 46 and still doesn’t know what the wants to be when he grows up, noting that Jacob is impressively figuring it all out at 21 years old. James Prendamano says that Jacob is wise beyond his years and goes on to tell him – “You have a talent that cannot be taught – only polished.”

Jacob Taylor, Young Savvy Investor

Jacob says he was a bit of a loner in high school, and he is still that way to an extent. He has a girlfriend today he loves, but he doesn’t have a large group of friends. He has a friend or two here and there, but he doesn’t have a group of friends that he parties with. James Prendamano notes that’s a good thing.

Jacob says he always knew never wanted to have a regular job, a familiar tune to all the entrepreneurs out there. His mother always told him growing up that he was doing “too many things at once.” He says, however, that he thrives on organized chaos. That’s what drew him to real estate investing in the first place. He also was blessed to have the foresight to do it at a really young age. 

He says he has also found a lot of support through the podcasting community, even having the opportunity to talk with our esteemed friend Austin Linney. Jacob refers to investors Joe and Jenn and cites them as mentors. Jacob also says that doing his podcasts has taught him how to effectively talks to sellers.

“The biggest mistake you can make during deal making is talking too much. The more you listen and ask questions, the more people will tell you about what they’re willing to agree too,” James Prendamano says.

James Prendamano has been through quite a few real estate cycles – and has not only survived them, but grown from them. Prendamano says that the entrepreneur and the innovator mindset runs on autopilot during these times. “We’ve been doing this just a year and a few months. As real estate continues to decentralize, I’ve made more connections through podcasting in the last year or so – than in my 24 years in the industry collectively,” says James.

Real Estate Wholesaling

Jacob says despite all the tragedy around the coronavirus pandemic, which is unfortunate, there is always something that can be done in real estate. He’s learned so much about creative financing from his mentors - and doing deals with no money down. He manages social media for Jenn and Joe, who in return gave all their instructional videos to Jacob. The controlled chaos is what drives him – and the idea that more people you reach out to, the more deals you’re likely to make. He says having great terms is also key in getting the deal done. He also says there’s no way, he’ll be doing the 9-5 gig when he graduates. In addition, Jacob says joining a lot of Facebook pages – investor groups - is what helped him get his start in deal making. The more you do it, he says, the more people will associate your name with the business.   

Financial Freedom

Jacob Taylor says financial freedom to him is a home, a family, a dog, and to have properties to pay off his expenses. Ultimately, Jacob says, “My goal is to build legacy wealth. I want to transform the lives of my family.

Want to hear what Jacob Taylor says to James Prendamano about house hacking? Find the entire real estate investing podcast here. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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