Don't Settle for Standard: 5 Different Types of Garages for Your Home

Posted by Casandra Properties on Friday, June 26th, 2020 at 8:32am.

Garages evolved quite a bit since their humble beginning as carriage houses. Once tucked away from public view, garages now shine in the spotlight.

The move to the front of the house isn't the end of the garage's evolution. 

An updated, fun garage is the perfect way to liven up your property. Sure, it's a building where your car sits, but it is also a blank slate otherwise.

Want a garage that matches your house? It's doable. 

Looking for a garage that will expand the storage area on your property? With the right building, you'll never deal with clutter again.

To plan your budget, you need to know what you want. Here are a few exciting garage types for you to consider.

Different Types of Garages

1. Embrace History With a Carriage House Garage

If you live in a historical part of your city, an old-fashioned carriage house will fit in nicely.  

The building materials depend on what's used locally. Recycled wood and bricks give a newly-built garage a sense of age. That way it fits in from day one.

A fun feature on a carriage house is the door. It sits on a track and rolls to the side. Modern garage door makers continue to make this style with and without an automatic door opener.

2. Get in Touch With Nature and Convert the Barn Into a Garage

When a city spreads, it envelops everything in its path. That includes old farms and their barns.

Some barns don't survive. A lucky few find new life housing vehicles.

Old barns offer much more storage space than most pre-fabricated garage options. Devote the bottom half to garage space and use the hayloft to store your camping supplies.

3. Invest in Longevity With a Metal Garage

Harsh climates make it hard to keep wooden buildings looking their best. For those who deal with extreme weather, a metal garage can withstand whatever Mother Nature dishes out.

Not even bugs or rodents can defeat a metal garage. No fear of termites after a wet winter when the walls are metal. 

A metal free standing garage is easy to customize. They come in countless finishes and sizes.

It's a great option for those who may need to expand. Most metal garages come with add-on space to boost the square footage.

4. A Garage Fit for Crafting Royalty

Who says you have to buy a garage that fits how many cars you own? You don't! Use the extra space to create a workshop.

You'll have tons of room for storage and workbenches. If you've got multiple creative people, each person can have their own workspace. 

5. A Two-Story Garage That'll Make the Neighbors Jealous

The holidays are around the corner and you've run out of bedroom space for your relatives. That wouldn't be a problem if you had spare rooms above your garage.

When you're not using the additional space for guests, it can become office space. Having a home office far away from your bedroom makes the workday more productive.

Banish Boring Garage Types From Your Property

A place built as extra storage space and a protective home for your car doesn't have to be boring.

Use these garage types to spark your creativity. Go forth and build a space you love.

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