Creating a Space All Your Own With Beautiful Wall Mural Ideas

Posted by Casandra Properties on Tuesday, January 21st, 2020 at 8:13am.

Wall murals are a home decor trend that is here to stay. Murals are a creative way to claim your space, and add a personal touch to your home. 

Did you know that murals also add resale value to your property? All the more reason to get started on murals for your wall!

Even if you aren't amazing at art, you can design a beautiful mural wall. Keep reading for our list of 5 wall murals ideas for some inspiration.

Wall Mural Ideas Casandra Properties

1. Peel-and-Stick Murals

Are you hoping for a mural that's a bit more intricate? Peel-and-Stick murals are the perfect option for you.

Reusable murals easily adhere to your walls, and you can remove them without residue.

You can get designs ranging from realistic landscapes to reproductions of fine art. The options are limitless!

2. Decals are Great

If you're having trouble committing to a full-size wall mural consider using decals to add interest to your walls.

There are tons of amazing wall decals available for every style and home. And decals can be easily removed without leaving any residue.

And decals are less expensive than full-size murals. They're great if you don't want to commit to an entire wall, but you know you want to try something new!

Decals are often sold in sets of various sizes. So, you can organize your decals to create the perfect mural for your space. 

3. Keep it Simple 

Keep your mural design simple if you aren't particularly artistically inclined.

You don't have to be a master painter to create a beautiful mural. Just make sure to sketch them out ahead of time and pencil, and use painters tape to mark them off.

Believe it or not, there's a lot you can do with simple shapes. For instance, several large triangles can transform into a beautiful mountain range. Or pale gray stripes can become a beautiful birch forest.

4. Go Abstract 

Are you adding a mural to your home for a much-needed pop of color? Consider thinking outside the box, and design an abstract mural.

With the right amount of planning a measurement, even the most unartistic person can create a beautiful accent wall.

Use a ruler and blue painter's tape to section off a blank wall into triangles. Then select the bright colors you want to use for your mural and get painting.

When you peel off the tape you'll have a gorgeous see if colorful triangles separated by clean white lines.

5. Stencils 

If you have a particular vision in mind for your wall mural but you aren't great at painting, buy some stencils!

You can find stencils at any major art supply store. There are stencils available in everything from woodland creatures to celestial bodies.

Stencils are perfect if you want to create a mural for a child's room. You can use different stencils together to create a beautiful outdoor scene or a stunning night sky.

Wall Murals Ideas for Everyone

You don't need to be an amazing artist to add an amazing mural to your home. There are tons of options to help you create the perfect mural for your space, regardless of your artistic skill.

Excited to start on your wall murals ideas? Pull out the measuring tape, and create your perfect mural today.


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