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Posted by Casandra Properties on Monday, July 6th, 2020 at 8:24am.


Episode 1: Company History & Introduction

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Hello, everybody, welcome to the first Casandra Properties Podcast.  I am joined by my esteemed colleague partner.  Right hand left hand and everything in between.  Becca, Becky, Rebecca, Reba Matulonis. Say Hi Rebecca! And of course we have Petey, on the ones and twos behind us. Petey is our Creative director and our CMO. He takes care of everything digital Casandra Properties and it's been a really interesting ride.  We'll get into that as we move forward in the program we wanted to start today, just kind of give a brief roll up right of the company and the origins how we started how he ended up where we are today and kinda lay the foundation of what the podcast will be about as we move forward.  So we wanted this to be a community, you know source for all things real estate, but beyond also things that impact our our community. I'm born and raised in Staten Island MOMS born and raised in Staten Island, so it's it's been near and dear. To us all things civic if you will over the years, so the company was founded back in nineteen, eighty nine. For those of you who don't know by mom, Casandra that's the company bears her namesake. And there's one S in Casandra. She will. Definitely will correct you if you use the Greek mythology, Casandra. S In this Casandra. And one thousand, nine, hundred nine. You know she had jumped into, Really Kinda tough waters right like the market back-nine, historically nine hundred nine was not the best time to open a real estate company. And she was a woman. You know which was difficult.  This was a predominantly male run in dominated business. She was for many many many years before that she was an agent and broker for several different local brokerages so nineteen eighty-nine market is is awful. MOM, decide. Hey, let's go open a business. So opened up over on clove road, actually across from the firehouse I remember actually as a kid going in and working on the office, and being excited that she had this opportunity I've been since I'm knee high to a grasshopper. I've been real estate right and I've been dragged around to listing appointments and I have some. Really Funny Stories I'll share in the future of things that had happened. But she opens up in one, thousand, nine, hundred nine. She's doing particularly high end homes was the focus. As the market evolves. Mom Season Opportunity you know there's an ebb and flow to the market right? We, we see the commercial come on strong and the residential it. Many times it's countercyclical so. We've learned to adapt and go back and forth and kind of ramp up the side of the business that we see is is got the most opportunity on horizon so. She moves that into commercial leasing, which there's like no women particularly on Staten Island in the early nineties, doing commercial leasing, and she does some of the first land leases of. Of any notoriety out here in Staten Island and she's just kicking butt, and she has not stopped kicking button and she's still. She's a powerhouse. Comes in times a week and reminds us that we don't know what we're doing and. Make sure that the ship is sailing the right way so let's fast forward real quick. Just talk about where we are today, I found Rebecca. When we worked on the empire outlets project. How long ago was that? Six years now gosh. Six years ago right and. You will working for one of the largest third party providers of services if you will in the outland industry. I have this like maniacal way of Fi. Remember I call. Oh, active I. was I was like so nervous. I'm like here. I go again after get on with another person and run through my insane way in methodology of following up and making sure that nothing slipped through the cracks and I think I call was like seven hours almost seven hours. Yeah, I think that's about right. So I meet Rebecca by phone. Our first call runs on and on so the way we used to do this, and this is a good tip for those of you out there trying to get commercial deals done you have to be relentless like one hundred percent you cannot stop. You cannot send an email. Make a call send a deck. We've come up with all sorts of new creative ideas to try and get the REP's attention.

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You have to be absolutely methodical and relentless in your approach. We followed up. We probably at our peak had forty reminders day. Yes absolutely right, if not more just on that job of constantly hammering the reps getting in front of them, letting them know what the opportunity was We came up with what we call debris combing system. Right, legendary legendary, so we. We didn't WANNA. Give all the information up front. Because we found that it would be annoying if we continue to. To send all the information over and over and over again, so we decided to. Take like the top fifteen or twenty of the most relevant topics, and we would just send snippets a little bit of press, or or whatever was happening that day or that week, just to kind of breadcrumb them, and by the time we ran out of breadcrumbs, there was something new that happened and we. We refilled the basket and we continued on right so. So we need six hours seven hours. Call initially and doers nuts as I was. You were. Waiting for you to tap out right? Everyone taps out with me. Let let's go until you tap. You didn't tap and I'm going. Wow, okay. So then we kind of fell into this routine. Three or four hour calls every night every night and we're still doing. So. Six years later. We we we use a great program that sends us or alerts every day. I'm still. Kind of dinosaur I need to have paper right so I print out my reminders and have to write everything out and recast did in every night we get on a call and we run down every single thing we didn't get to. And we recast it. And sometimes the sheets build up and week goes by, and you can't get through it all, but we eventually catch it and reset everything, and it's a relentless. As I'm saying it now. I'm sharing this with the world. I'm like you know. It is kind of crazy that this is a pretty wild system that we put together but pay and work. Does it work? It works for us so. We're GONNA DO A podcast folks. We're going to do this once a week. we want to cover it like I said all things real estate. The focus, but We absolutely want to go beyond that We have a wonderful list of guests that were going to be moving forward with attorneys, engineers politicians some. Pretty Cool famous folks actually yeah that we're going to be able to pop on some icons in the industry you know we want to have small businesses on have people from every market segment. We want to make sure that you represented from the restaurants to the drop off dry cleaners from the you know the smaller deals right on up to the NORDSTROMS and Nike's. Nike's. We've done it all so You know that's that's what we want this to be a kind of a community place where we can get together and talk honestly about things that are going on certainly try and give you some tips and insight into how we've done what we've done over the years and you know, bring people into the fold so. I thought it would be a good idea. Maybe if a you could just speak about the structure. You've put in place here, so BECA. Tell us about what you do in how you've kind of whipped this place into shape, and you know how we ended up where we? It's a very different company than it was six seven years ago. Yes, so I have a background in human resources, so I had actually made a career switch Bow Year before I met James so coming into it I had Just kind of win over everything that Casandra properties had in place and. It was interesting because James was running such a great company, but there were the the little more Administrative things that. Wasn't running a great company. It's okay I, mean we were? We were hammering away relentlessly, but it wasn't a great company. It was a great place to work, but it wasn't a great company. It's Ok well, you know. You get busy with the big picture, and you don't always see the little things and the details that need to be tended to. Because honestly you were busy, making deals, which was great so I kind of came in, and took a look at what we had for handbooks, and kind of just how things were laid out and really went through them and Damon, I spent. Again the seems to be a reoccurring theme here. The amount of hours that we put in, but. We we stripped everything down, and we built everything back up, so We really took a lot of time and made sure to structure everything that we really felt works We have a really great dynamic in this office. I think that we're really lucky to have the people that we have working here.

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It is an interesting dynamic because you don't have the normal employer employee relationship all Real estate agents and brokers independent contractors, so that's a little bit different but we are i. feel like it's seamless here. Everyone just really gets along It's a great atmosphere and that really helped when I came in to kind of restructure everything because everyone was just you know it's very team oriented here and that made the transition really easy, and it just made everything kind of flow so I started with that went through all of that That was a that was took us a little while, but it was a. it was a good process. and you know like James said we spend a majority of our lives in this program. called smart sheets and That's what we're kind of where we organized and keep everything but we also kind of found like we were missing a crm. And, so we spent a lot a lot of time researching what we thought might be a really good program that would not only assist the agents, but that could also tie into a new website because that was another thing that we felt like the company is growing, and we have a great name on Staten Island, but our website didn't really match how I think that we felt. Felt that we were being portrayed so we started again from the beginning, built up a really great website and got a crm for our agency to work with and that's been. That's been really great. everybody took to it really well so yeah, I mean it's just been one thing after the other. We kinda just go and and take see something and leaf exit. We've got everything fixed. It sound so easy like Oh. We got a new CRM WE UNDO website. That was all of those things. I have to give credit to Pete. Petey back here has been yes taken the company to a completely different level. We recognized years ago. That real estate was going to live and die in digital space, right? We knew that this was without a doubt going to define how to go from a dealmaker, being a great deal maker to being a great marketer, and those things do not go hand in hand you know being I've always been taken great pride in being a great deal maker. and I look with negotiation skills our team I'll put up against anybody we're. We're absolutely. Our skills are are tight on the negotiation side, but we were missing the marketing side. We just we. We didn't have We didn't have marketing that was commensurate to our deal. Making ability right so We went ahead in toward all down twice rebuilt it twice and Pete when Pete came over it definitely unlocked kind of that next level wherein development now of what will absolutely be a market disruptor. A new APP that is literally going to change the game on the Investment Frontier for real estate. This is We're GONNA. Roll it out locally, and then we're going to go region, and then we're gonna go across the country. To keep an eye out for that. That's something on trying to not smile too much. I'm super super excited to have these ideas right and. You know. When I was a kid I remember I. I wrote a of. Had An assignment. I'm talking about like a kid kid. and it was about problem solving. The squeaky door. What I had entitled it and you know as a child I remember if I opened the door and it squeaked. For some reason it hit me like. Why does it squeak and like? I took the screwdriver out and I'm I'm trying to dismantle the hinges and figure out where we like to tinker, and we like to get in the weeds and. Things are not. Efficient create efficiencies, so we're super excited about that. AFT-. and we're in development now. We actually had a first trial run on Monday and like the text went off, and you know the alert work, then everything connected, and it was so cool. But that will be coming out in the next couple of months, and we're GONNA. Continue to innovate I. Mean Pete has taken this to a whole new world. We have now over five thousand subscribers on Youtube. Thank you, everyone for the follows. There were pumping out content every day. We love it. We enjoy it. Please keep the suggestions coming so many reach out and want to hear about different topics. We're happy to speak on it and produce that content for you. Were Up to now ten thousand monthly website visitors thirty thousand monthly page views, two hundred sixty five thousand video views on Youtube and today here we are in our new podcast studio so.

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So, much credit goes to Pete because none of this would have happened without the absolute. You know endless effort from you and from Rebecca so thank you very much both for for kind of making all the crazy things like the birdies. Around in my head and catching the bird putting in naturally making it happen. Yeah, so it's been a really awesome experience, so I wanted to talk a little bit about my influences. As I kind of came through the ranks, obviously mom with me, you know into shape but good. You know off the hop when I started in this business. It was none of this wonderful tools that we today. Right like you know. I remember the first modem like we went we. Went, we picked it up and I was fascinated that we took a phone, and we had this big velcro strap, and you strap it onto this look like a a plate on the CA- speaker and you heard the beeps and the booths all these things going on Pete. Can you pull up a picture of like the original modems? You probably don't remember this Rebecca because you're like a baby. This is how we used to have to get. A our and from. There it is Yup. You had to strap that down, and it connected to the MLS server. And Beeps in the boots happened, and then we had dot matrix printer, and it took about twenty seven hours for Hachi. But then like it's changed the game prior to that. The only way you had access to properties is you had the book what we used to call the book you had to go every two weeks and pick up. These cases of books fear agents. It was this thick, and it had every single listing every change everything that had happened closed acceptance so on, and so forth and people in the know, and in the industry couldn't wait to get that book. You know like the first one to get. The book had access to the deals in that we did it. You know you wiles pre cell phone pre beeper pre. Any of that mess. Business got done. Yeah absolutely business got done is a very different way in a very different way today And this some people don't don't get with the small businesses and will lead into a little bit of the corona virus and. Talk about some of the sentiments of small business and why they're feeling what they're feeling. Young people don't get that. For many of us in the small business world you, you can't disconnect anymore I mean it's literally been since the advent of of cellphones I have not been on a trip. Ever where I've shut down. Not even for a day. You know it's it's at most I think was the Montana trip? Where at night we spoke. For whatever it was an hour tonight, try and catch up but and that was only because there was no service. There was no work around. Had you going crazy trying to figure out satphone your housing like dude? I got it. Just go catch some fish and yeah, Joe Yellowstone. Got It so? You know when you're in the grind the way we are, you don't have the benefit or the luxury or the ability of just putting it down and walking away from it. At least we don't. You know and I understand that that's a decision that we've made. but would that come sacrifice right like I've missed countless things with family right? Countless parties disappointed. My wife God bless her for staying with me. The way she has can't tell you how many events I've missed. How many things I've missed with the kids? And it's sacrifice you put your heart and soul into this and you wake up one day and you look around. There's a lot of people that depend on you and so a lot of pressure. Right. Yeah, that's A. It's a lot of pressure. It really isn't. It's funny that you say that because I can remember One of your. Getaways with the family and I believe it was Bermuda. And could. Tan Eleven o'clock at night, and and we're going through everything and trying to play. Catch up and you. Can like hear the waves crash sharing on like. there. You are working away on the balcony. Eleven o'clock at night, trying to stay on top of everything, so it's it's tough. In folks don't understand why. There's been some of the the backlash from small business. Feeling Devastated right, of course thank you to the men and women on the front lines of this thing absolutely doing an amazing job. We were very happy and proud to be able to partner with Our local hospital over north well and we donated We actually partnered with gate. Interior Demo Dave Berman Shadow today. Berman stepped up. Wonderful matched us, ten grand apiece to build out the negative pressure rooms, and then We also did over at rum. See think food truck for a month right? We paid for also with Dave Credits Dave.

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Just to have hot coffee and something to eat for the doctors and nurses. As they were in the grind there so. Again thank you for that work amazing work. Unbelievable Heroes Staten Island though we kill it, we do whenever there's there's an issue we seem to to rise to the challenge we've been. We've been faced with nine eleven, and then the crash and superstorm Sandy, and now here we are again. But we always kind of find a way to to come back a little bit stronger, a little bit more resilient. but this was the first time we actually had to stop. Right. Yeah, and that was really scary. Yeah. It was really scary and I. Think everybody kind of felt. You know one of the downsides of this whole thing. Is You know you've got a team of people and? And try to figure out. How do we stay connected? How do we keep everyone you know at least for James and I? We kind of felt like you know. It was our responsibility to make sure that everyone you know was taking care of and and stayed in in the group, and you know had some sort of outlets during this whole crisis, and we come with a couple of things to kind of keep. Our team engaged. I think they worked really well but yeah, it was. It was a really trying time for for everyone involved. You know during the. During the shutdown. We tripled down quadrupled Noun on our infrastructure. Yes, you know We were able to do things remotely. we really invested a lot of time and money in shoring up the back end, the hub and spoke approach expanding our reach digitally. we got every agent that participated in all. The zoom certified right. You WanNa. Talk about that a little bit. Yeah, so we decided so kind of has we were brainstorming and thinking? You know we have this downtime What can we do? What can we do to better ourselves help? Our agents kind of get a leg up so that when we came out of this thing, we would come out strong and ready so one of the. The things we had kind of tossed around. Was this e pro course You can just do online. Everybody could do it separately at their own pace, but we decided that every week we're going to jump on zoom call and kind of talk about it and you know, have some group discussion and then James said well. Let's take this a step further, and let's have Jay Man who does work for the state I believe. Shout out the. Guy He's fantastic and you know it's. It's just just as a side note. zooms are great, but you know after you've done them week after week. You know it's it's a little hard to keep everyone's attention and he came in and boy. You know. I, give him props because everybody was so engaged but yes, so we kind of went through that we all win and got certified. You had to take a test. everybody who participated pass the test We are all pro certified those of us that decided to take part in it so that's a really cool thing just for our agents to come out and say hey, you know this is what we didn't downtime, and we certainly didn't just kind of shut off and forget things. We kept up with everything and just try to educate ourselves so that we really could come out on the other end and and be ready to go. Yeah, we. We've been ahead of the game right, but absolutely, but I took a lot away. From that course. Without a doubt, I shout out to nice are there there was. Even you had some takeaways. Pete is like little our digital genius! kind of locked up in a corner, but There was a lot of things that we took away. That were implementing now. Really Great Course for those of you who have not taken it particularly. If if you're a little intimidated by technology, they really kind of it was hard. Course I mean it wasn't easy, but they did. Take you through it. In a in a manner that was It kept you engaged. It was easy to digest. It was a good tempo, and then layering in man, and just absolutely contagious personality, absolutely Roy, a whole nother kind of light I think to the group. Yeah, he certainly. So. Jamile de. GotTa. Get Him on care absolutely. Without a doubt. So. We got everyone certified We're deploying this stuff now and this is. This is typical of me. Right I talk. I've got so many things flying around in my head that have to start making notes to try and pull it back so coronavirus bringing it back. Keeping people close giving people centered going through this experience, and folks not quite understanding the backlash from the business community. Right people saying hey, this is we're talking about public health talking about safety.

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Of course we get that, and of course that is always priority number one. But. There's a but. Until you have missed those events, and you have looked your wife in the eyes, and you have disappointed her, and you look your kids in the eyes, and you've disappointed them because you're doing what you think is right in trying to make sure that the company is doing what needs to be done, and you're able to take care of the family, and you're able to take care of the people that have become dependent upon you. That's where you saw this personal pushback. Yeah, the elected officials! Have I mean look I. I love the criticism of these elections. I laugh at it. Nobody's been through this before. Right like this has never happened in modern times right like nineteen, twenty or nineteen, eighteen thousand nine hundred. Yeah, that's that's the last time something like this happen and the parallels are almost non-existent because. The world is so dynamically changed, and you know we're in this hyper critical cycle. Where everybody has something negative to say, and it's like chill right like we've never been through this before. The. electives have never been through this before. There was no playbook that we could pick up like oh okay, global pandemic. This is what we do. So I think that a little more tolerance would serve everybody well. Now, you know, follow the science of course, but the scientists changed. That's evolve. There's no way the scientists could know where this is going to go, so I would just ask for understanding and patients from everybody on all sides of this discussion, because until you've walked a day or in my case twenty five years in my shoes. You don't you can't understand. What the impact is and what we've been trying to mitigate and what we've been trying to hedge against so you know that I think is why there's been a bit of a disconnect. We need to talk more just in general right people need to communicate more gotTa stop screaming at each other right, and we'll have a whole separate podcast you know about this as we go forward with some of the civic leaders in the community and so proud of Staten Island for the way they've handled everything like it's really it's been. We have really. Stood above you head and shoulders above everybody likes to kind of throw a dig at Staten. Island and where the forgotten borough. When will where this? When it comes down to it. And you're in a foxhole. You want to be in the Foxhole with folks from Staten Island. So, bring it full circle. Folks just keep a cool be understanding. Listen understand that we all are coming from different places in this and I think for the most part. People are best intended in well intended. But you just don't know the experience until you've walked it so i. just wanted to touch on that because I think it's important that people understand effort so much positivity so much negativity about the the reaction from the small business community all. It's irresponsible that you wanted to open. It's this is that there's there's a lot of things that that go into this. So that is what it is I think that for. The future right? If you have any ideas of topics or people who want to come on the show some of my influences again I go on a tangent Stanley, Friedman, if you're out there and you hear this Stanley I miss you. I love you have played such an absolute. Profound role in my career development and I miss you. I love you, you have. You'll always be here in my heart, even though you're not here barking at me every day, He gave me so much guidance and took me from. That younger aggressive at all costs get from A to B and taught me hey. It. Okay, it's great that you can run through the brick wall. Right but. This collateral damage. Then risk flying. People get hit. Stop. Do a little RECON. If, there's other ways to get around that wall and really has helped me. in my personal growth Mike Makuuchi another one who has played such an important role in my development so much more of a role and I think you'll ever know turning out here on Staten Island if he's listening Mike again so much for. All of the leadership, all of the insight, the Sunday morning chats the guidance and the influence It's really been played a big part in my development and I would certainly be remiss if I didn't mention a new relationship but Chad Gray over lines pride. Right, he's great, so one of my agents Rob Nixon. big on the self help and you know these personal empowerment courses, and out of sheer ignorance I pushed away all those things over the years like I read the Tony Robbins Book years ago when you know.

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When that I kind of hit like okay, but might. I think my ego wouldn't allow me to show weakness that needed to be improved right, and if you knew me ten years ago, you would understand how profound statement that is for me to be able to make and rob, actually to his credit, like dragged me to a couple of these events, and then I went with him and Brian. To Alliance pride event on a Saturday, right? GIG kind of went like kicking and screaming like okay. Let's see what this is going to be about and it was about communication. Again back to the communication theme. We didn't I didn't realize that there is such an unbelievable difference in how I see things. And, just some I mean you. Want, what do we ten years apart twelve years apart ten years. Rob I've got to be closer to fifteen years apart. You know Brian around the same thing. No? I'm close to twenty years Oh. My Gosh I'm forty five now. I think Robson was twenty five twenty six. Yeah. Oh all right. That's terrible rough. It's twenty eight twenty i. feel a little bit day. Anyway point is things that. How I hurt things, and how I digested things and how I process things. are completely different. Than how his generation sees things and how your generation sees things, and from that one session we took away right. We had our little call and I had all my little. We need to understand the way he talks Jane. It's eighty percent. What how you say it not what you say. So so exciting! To open up at this late stage in the game for me. To kind of relearn everything right like to learn different leadership tactics I've always been. Sort Shield got behind me. Let's go. That's not for everybody. In fact, it's not for most people and. I was missing that over all of those years so for all of you who I've run past with a sword and a shield. I'm sorry it wasn't intentional. It was me thinking I was doing the right thing but Chad through his courses and his leadership programs. Now we've done a bunch of sessions. We're trying to get something on the books for the entire office. Really? Significant impact in what we do here and how we process information and the systems that we put in place like it impacts everything. Absolutely and I think you know when people talk about you know can communication and relationships and everything you know you think about okay communicating with your spouse or your significant other your children. You don't necessarily think about your co workers or your? You know your boss and this really. Necessary in every relationship in life, and work especially, because if you think about it. You've really do spend more time with your co workers than you do with your family. You know so. It's really important that you assess that and and learn kind of how everyone receives information It's very helpful. I'd love to have chat on and have him articulate. Some of the things down to the basics like that is a cup. Okay, so let's implement a policy about right. Course the cup how we're going to store it when it will be used and how we dispose of it, and then you come to learn that rob doesn't see that as a cup right right rob perceives as something different, so the balance of the policy is goes out the window, because the initial impact and impression is completely different they taught us about fear, and about how people retreat to different places, and the inability to digest information is completely different so again shadow Chad Really helping impact how we do things here so I i. don't want this to run on too long. I wanted to just touch on some of the community stuff at the office. Some of the things that we do that are so important. Corey shifter over CA Sally. You're my influence on this? Years ago, watched some of the things that you had done around the holidays and we've always done things and we've done things discreetly but we come to. We came to find that. When you put it out there in the universe as Corey did. Maybe that impacts the next person to say you know what I should be doing more. So we've been so so proud of our season of giving program. Yeah, right, so you WanNa talk a little bit about. Emotional like a baby. You. And I have to say is probably one of my fondest memories of things that we've gotten to do together The two years ago right two years ago is when we when we started at and we spent some time just thinking about who we should give to and how we were going to go about it and we ended.

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Going with I think three or four different places, and we presented checks and then the best part. Was We, went and bought a ton of gifts for kids. I mean a ton. It was kind of. It was like one of those old shows that you watch I. Forget. There was a supermarket show. I don't know if anyone remembers, but it was like what was it. Supermarket. Sweep oh that was great, but that is literally what it felt like. When we went into target, and it was like just pile in the toys 'em, it was such a fun experience and James did get very emotional which was really sweet. Because you know just, let's say you don't always. You don't always see that side. and it was nice to see that side. Come Out, but It was it was just a really fun experience. We got to get all these toys together. and give to a bunch of kids who wouldn't have otherwise received, and it was just it was such a blessing It was a blessing for us to do it as a company it was a blessing. I know to me personally and I know. James feels the same way. Way And after that, we said we're doing this every year. And it kind of changed our mindset a little bit because I feel like we both were like okay, how do we? How do we make more, so we can give more absolutely that really is always kind of at the forefront of our minds because we just enjoyed that process so much so last year. We did it a little differently. We did a bunch of gifts for kids again but last year you got to be a part of it the actual giving right I was I was not here for that this year this past December but We have a video. You should go check it out on. Youtube it was. It was really neat to watch. and kind of really just bring a smile to those little kids faces so without a doubt. We did work for Michael's 'cause. Michael's diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy at the age of four If you have a chance. Go. Check that kids side out because he has some story, he's an unbelievable kid very proud to work with them and have to say to the agents. I'm so proud of the civic work. That these folks do here. we were doing a story recently, and we asked them to send over a list of all the boards and all the community giveback stuff. And I mean we we. We play a part of all of it in some measure, but they're really out there for their own initiatives on the front lines of this stuff I was blown away like it was hanging on Steph lanes. So to all of you guys out there. CASANDRA properties family. Cannot thank you enough for how you've handled. All everything that's gone on, and how you've been such an important part of the fiber of Staten Island again. Mom is born and raised here. I'm born and raised here. This is home. It's been home and being a you know a leader in in the real estate industry is not enough. It's not nearly enough so as Becca said. We're working very hard to try and scale things so that we can do more for the community that's without a doubt one of my absolute passions now so I think we're going on a little bit long at this point and I'm getting emotional and I don't WanNa do that's podcast nine hundred. That's not this podcast, so let's. Let's wrap it up on a good note. BECCA. Thank you for joining me today. Of course. Thank you for having me I know you look forward to our next three hour. Call, which will be about six hours I. can't we be as always on the ones and twos? Thank you very much, folks. You have chance. Please reach out. CHECK US OUT ON. All of the wonderful sites were on Lincoln. INSTAGRAM facebook twitter. Check out our website YouTube We've got the whole thing rolling in here so if you're interested in in in any topics, or if you want to be on the show, please reach out to us and we will catch you on the excellent. Thanks everybody.

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