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Posted by Casandra Properties on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019 at 7:54am.

This is a topic we have touched on in the past.  As we head into what we believe will be some uncertain waters over the next 24 months, we felt perhaps there was no better time to talk about what you should be looking for.  It never ceases to amaze us how many people trust the sale of their home, THEIR HOME, to agents that are not experienced.  

All too often decisions are made based on relationships.   While relationships are important, when choosing the best real estate agent on Staten Island, so many more factors should be considered.  

At Casandra Properties, we pride ourselves on excellence.  So much of the work we do is behind the scenes.  The never-ending analysis, reports, watching market indicators and factors. So, we decided to pull the curtain back just a little bit more and share with you some more of the things we do internally - to help you make better real estate decisions and maximize your investment.  

Whether you’re looking for a house for sale, an investment property, a development parcel, retail project or you’re a land speculator, there is almost endless data out there you or your agent should be aware of as you make your decision.  Folks, this business is not about simply putting a sign up and hosting an open house.   The digital and data age has profoundly, and will continue to impact Real Estate in a major way.  The age of the “order taker” realtor is over.  Now more than ever you should be considering professional representation.

As we forge ahead I will be sharing some of the statistics we looked at.  Not only will we tell you where we look, but we

will also be calling out the current indicators and what some of our current analysis is.  

I will be publishing a reoccurring series of blogs that will include analysis of the previous market performance, predictive analytics of what’s likely to happen next, the daily mortgage rates, the consumer confidence index and a slew of market statistics your Real Estate professional should be studying. Here are a few to think about that look at the June Staten Island Real Estate market from 2018 - 2019 side by side comparison. 

The monthly absorption rate went from 5.48 to 6.81. That’s a 24.7% change!! This is a very significant indicator. The longer it takes to absorb the product the more significantly your pricing strategy can be effected.

Overall sold listings from June 2018; 396 versus June 2019; 355.  That’s a 10.4 % decrease.... another significant indicator.  In real estate, however, one month doesn’t make a market......

If you’re looking for a complete analysis contact us at 718.816.7799 or email 

So when you’re ready to make that purchase or sell what is likely the most expensive asset in your portfolio, and you're deciding what agent to hire, ask yourself- does your real estate broker work this hard for you?  If not, perhaps it’s time to give us a call.


By: James Prendamano



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