Cash or Credit? (Ep.31) How To Use Credit Cards Instead of Cash To Invest

Posted by Casandra Properties on Friday, January 29th, 2021 at 12:20pm.

Episode 31: Cash or Credit? How To Use Your Credit Cards Instead Of Cash To Invest

Our host and CEO of Casandra Properties, James Prendamano, sits down with Credit Expert and Serial Entrepreneur Brandon Elliott on this podcast episode, which provides more than a lion’s share of value to the audience. 


Brandon Elliott is quite candid and open about his old life. He grew up in New Jersey with his mother, who suffered mental health issues, and he never knew his father. Brandon Elliot grew up “American Poor,” as he calls it – receiving federal assistance. He says he was the middle child out of three children.


“I went out and got my first job at age 12,” says Brandon. “I realized at a certain age that I wanted better for myself, but I also knew that I had to go out there and create it for myself.” As a result of his life circumstances, as he got older, he admits he has made a lot of the wrong choices in order to achieve that success.


Bigger Dreams for Brandon


Brandon says he started hanging out with the wrong crowd and selling weed – albeit successfully, he laughs. After suffering second and third-degree burns from cooking hash oil in his kitchen one night, he realized he had to turn his life around. He was an excellent salesman, had an entrepreneurial spirit, and was motivated to start a legitimate career. Brandon Elliott thanks G*d and says he is blessed that this happened to him. He then found real estate – or real estate had found him. 


Brandon Elliott started a new life for himself, first in Ohio, flipping homes out there, and is now based in San Diego where he is a successful investor, coach, teacher and expert in credit repair and offers elite credit services. Brandon says, “I knew I was intelligent enough to conduct business well in ‘a bad industry.’ He though perhaps he could do it in a legitimate industry. Brandon Elliott says in many ways, real estate saved him.”


Our CEO and host James Prendamano agrees with Brandon – We have past issues, we have family issues, we’ve had setbacks, some worse than others. The serial entrepreneur-type usually is not born with silver spoons in the mouths. There is a certain longing for it, a yearning, because they have indeed suffered and gone through great loss. 


Brandon also believes that entrepreneurs are products of their environments, saying, “If you want something bad enough – and you’re confident – you – like myself – have the ability to switch things up.”



The BRRRR Method of Investing 


Brandon Elliott is quite the fan of the BRRRR investing technique, the (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) method of investing. This is exactly what he started doing when moved out to Ohio – where he says he got his ‘feet wet in real estate.’


James Prendamano Responds – “And you did it all with credit cards!”


Yes, says Brandon Elliott. We’ve done about 3.5 million in transactions so far. I am so blessed.


James Prendamano in agreement about feeling blessed. “No matter how secure you thought you were, you just don’t know what tomorrow will bring.”


James Prendamano asks Brandon Elliott how he established relationships and networked in Ohio? 


Brandon Elliott networked with everyone he could, he laughs, in response to James’ question. I networked with everyone I could. LinkedIn was invaluable, James Prendamano agrees. I networked with brokers, agents, lenders, the Chamber of Commerce, the Police Department – so I could find out about crime rates in the neighborhoods. “Relationships have helped me immensely,” notes Brandon Elliott. “The way I cultivate relationships, rather. Because the only difference between doing good business in Ohio and doing it in San Diego is pricing.” 


Brandon Elliott is glad that he logged it all down too, his journey – in a book he published two years ago, Action Driven: Learn How To Take Action Instead Of Living With Regret, which is available on Amazon. I had made a lot of stupid choices when I was younger, but I learned from them. A mentor of mine at the time encouraged me to share my story.


Watch this episode of the Casandra Properties podcast and find out how you can get a free online version of Brandon’s life-transforming book.


James Prendamano notes – so you’re saying there is a pathway and a strategy, and you don’t need boatloads of money to do it. If you’re willing to put in the time, willing to work those social networks. James emphasizes that LinkedIn is a wonderful resource, and that he has made some amazing connections and led to invaluable offers through LinkedIn. Brandon Elliott agrees. 


Speaking of Life Transformation. . . 


You’re in San Diego now, and blessed to have such great success that I’m sure will continue, says James Prendamano. You transitioned here. This is where the rubber meets the road. You are leveraging credit and you are helping people bolster their credit. 


Brandon Relates a Quick Breakdown of How to Bolster Your Credit:


1 – Educate


2 – Fix


3 – Build up credit (adding authorized users)


4 – Leveraging it successfully 


Brandon Elliot offers three different courses with a number of different packages in his curriculum, including:


  • A la carte services




James Prendamano notes to the audience that credit is the single most important thing that you have control over – that you can use to drive your portfolio!


Brandon notes there many things you can do to improve your credit in 30 days. Start with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You can file disputes and get things off your report within 15-60 days. 


The fastest way, however, to improve your credit score is by adding authorized users to your account. In addition, if you have great credit, you can generate passive income by becoming an authorized lender. Want more detail? Listen to our podcast!



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