Casandra Properties “Rolls” out their latest innovation in Customer Service

Posted by Casandra Properties on Tuesday, September 18th, 2018 at 2:07pm.

The Staten Island Real Estate Market is an extremely competitive one, after all, we are a suburb of New York City. New York City real estate is some of the most sought after real estate in the entire world. 

I am constantly collaborating with my All-Star line up of real estate agents to develop innovative ways to improve the customer experience.  Over the years we have taken great pride in staying ahead of this incredibly competitive market.  Being named one of New York City’s top 10 boutique real estate firms by the Commercial Observer was one of our proudest moments as a company.  




When marketing your property, be it a house for sale, commercial building for sale or retail storefront for lease, controlling the overall messaging has proven to be critical in the sales process.   Here at Casandra Properties, we’ve noticed that when showing clients around, time was the most valuable commodity for the agents as well as the clients.  When touring with clients our time to convey messaging was limited to a few brief moments in between appointments.  We’re talking about a few short minutes to convey decades of experience, research and overall market statistics.




This scarcity of time was a re-occurring theme that was discussed in many of our office meetings.  We banded around different potential solutions.  How were we going to address this very real issue that most of our competition was overlooking entirely?

Should we bring clients in earlier to review comps and the sales pitch? In today’s world time is our most valuable commodity.  How could we effectively ask more of our clients’ precious time?  At the end of the day we decided: we couldn’t.  We needed to really think outside the box on this one.




While this suggestion fit the bill as far as not requiring additional in-person time with the clients, we quickly agreed that sales notes, real estate comps, and even the overall Staten Island real estate pitch, were only a small piece of the puzzle.  When you remove the Casandra Properties real estate agent from the presentation, you lose the most valuable commodity in any real estate transaction.  The Agent!  It is impossible to convey the decades of experience the Casandra Properties sales team has to offer through memos and sales pitches.


THE SOLUTION HIT US LIKE A MACK TRUCK! (Well, maybe not that big.)


What if we could control the entire tour from start to finish?  Imagine having the ability to make the pitch as you track from appointment to appointment - you and the client not distracted by driving and not traveling in separate vehicles.  Imagine being able to put the pitch deck up on a flat screen TV? How about being able to connect to the Casandra Properties mobile Wi-Fi and having the flexibility to do further research or pulling out comps right on the spot!  How impressive would it be for each client to have their own workstation on fold-down desks available at their convenience?  


Well imagine no more.  We are so thrilled to announce the Casandra Properties mobile office is now on the road.  I made a decision to reinvest some of the company profits into a state of the art mobile work van to deliver the absolute best customer experience.  Now we can truly drive top dollar on the sale of your home.  This is how we have been able to bring countless national tenants to the shores of Staten Island, this is how Casandra Properties has brought transformative projects like Empire Outlets, Urby, The View, and Downtown Plaza to Staten Island.  We have and will continue to invest in tomorrow’s tools, today.  We will continue to fight for you and raise the bar, changing how people view Staten Island’s real estate.





Staten Island real estate is the most expensive asset in most of our portfolios.  While we understand, everyone knows a Realtor- that does not make them qualified to handle your precious assets you have worked so hard to acquire.  Just because you know a Realtor, doesn’t make them qualified to guide you through that critical first home purchase, or securing a place to open your business.  

You get what you pay for.  The right real estate broker should be the greatest value imaginable.  When dealing with such high numbers there’s no room for mistakes.  Make sure your agent is investing in the latest technology, is evaluating the latest marketing trends.  Have you looked into their CRM and website?  Have they produced a sound marketing or sales comp package?

Have they gone the extra mile?  Here at Casandra Properties we are, and we're happy for you to join us on that mile in our latest marketing tool!


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