Burglary Prevention: 8 Simple Ways to Secure Your New Home

Posted by Casandra Properties on Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 at 4:16pm.

Moving into your new home doesn't mean your job is done. There is a lot of work to keep a house running and keeping it safe.

Even though overall crime is down, it doesn't mean a burglar won't break into your home. There's an estimated $14.3 billion in damages reported due to property crime each year. You need to do everything you can to protect your home.

It takes work to get the most out of burglary prevention. Use the eight tips below to make your home more secure.

1. Remove Blind Spots

People who approach your home to break in don't want to be seen. They will use any blind spot they can to scope your house for weaknesses.

You can reduce the chance that someone will camp out in your yard by lighting things up at night. There are several lighting options available that will turn on when motion is detected. You won't need to spend money on electricity to keep your yard lit unless you need it.

Bushes and foliage are popular places for people to hide. Make sure you landscape your yard, so there are no places to hide in your yard.

2. Secure Your WiFi

The entry points to your home aren't the only place for someone to break in. People can also use your WiFi if you leave it unsecured.

Make sure your WiFi is set up to use security. Anybody can connect to your home network if you have a public WiFi connection. They can gain access to your computers and grab all the personal information they need.

Another option is to make your WiFi connection invisible. Doing this makes it so that you need to know the name of your WiFi network to connect to it.

3. Prepare Your Garage

The garage is becoming a popular way for criminals to break into homes. You might be surprised about how many people leave them unlocked.

Even if someone can't get into your home, you likely have some valuables in your garage. Someone can be in and out without leaving a trace.

Make sure you check the lock on your garage door to make sure it functions properly. If one lock isn't enough, tie it down with zip ties.

You can also invest in a smart garage door. These doors will send you a notification whenever it's opened during strange times. If someone gets in during the night, you'll know about it when it happens.

4. Install Security Cameras

It's hard to protect your home if you can't see what's going on. A security camera system will allow you to do that.

Make sure that every entry point to your home is covered. Your entry points include both your doors and windows.

Try to place your cameras in visible places. Nobody robbing a home wants to be caught on camera. A visible camera can make a burglar have second thoughts about trying to break into your home.

5. Invest in a Security System

Even the best preparation isn't always going to be enough to stop a burglar. There's still the chance that someone can get into your home.

A security system is your last line of defense for when this happens. A security system will include sensors at all the entry points in your home. An alarm will sound if someone trips a sensor and doesn't enter the disarm code.  This will definitely make your home more secure.

You also have the option to buy a subscription to a monitoring service. These services will do a check-in to see if everything is okay if an alarm is triggered. If nobody picks up the phone, they will call the police so they can investigate.

6. Get to Know Your Neighbors

You aren't on your own when it comes to keeping your home safe. Every person who lives close to you faces the same struggles.

The question is, how can you help each other keep your neighborhood safe?

Take time to introduce yourself to your neighbors. Your goal should be to create a beneficial relationship for everyone. You can enjoy each other's company while keeping an eye out for suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

You can set up a neighborhood watch program if you get enough people involved. Burglars will be less likely to prowl the street when people are watching.

7. Protect Your Doors

Unfortunately, not all doors can stop someone who wants to get in. Depending on the door material, a burglar may be able to knock it down. Make sure your door material and frames are all strong and secure.

You also need to know what's going on at your front door. To do this, you can purchase a wireless doorbell camera to see who's at the door no matter where you are.

Many devices also offer recordings of the people who show up to your door. You can keep track of the people you don't know in case one of them is staking out your home.

8. Automate Your Home

There is a lot that goes into keeping the security of your home running. Unfortunately, you're going to forget something sooner or later.

You can reduce the risk of mistakes by automating the functions of your home. You can turn lights on and off, shut the garage door, close the blinds, and many other things with home automation.

You can also use automation to make it appear like someone is home. Burglars like to break into houses when nobody is home. If it looks like someone is always there, that will reduce the chance of someone attempting a break-in.

Don't Ignore Burglary Prevention for Your Home

Burglary prevention is something every homeowner needs to take seriously. You never know when someone is going to break into your home. However, you can reduce the chances of it happening to you.

You can start working on improving the rest of your house once you secure your home. Head back to our blog to learn about a few projects that will enhance your home.

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