Building Wealth Through Real Estate: Your Guide to Doing it Right

Posted by Casandra Properties on Monday, September 7th, 2020 at 10:09am.

Investing in real estate is a tried and tested method of making millions. Heck, it’s been claimed that as many as 90% of millionaires generated their wealth this way.

Clearly, if you’re looking to get rich in your lifetime, then investing in property is a good way to go.

That doesn’t make it easy though. Building wealth through real estate demands high levels of expertise, lots of start-up capital, time, and a good dose of market awareness. Furthermore, one wrong move can cost you huge sums of cash and scupper your wealth generation dreams.

But don’t be put off! With the right insight and approach, you can and will make a success of your real estate ventures. Want some help in that regard?

Keep reading to learn exactly how to build real estate wealth the right way.

Build Wealth Through Real Estate

Begin With a Reason

Did we mention that real estate investment isn’t easy!? Learning the ropes and making it work can be a long slog, complete with bucket loads of financial risk.

That’s why our first suggestion is to start with a clear understanding of your reason, purpose, or ‘why’. In other words, why do you want to do get into real estate?

Sure, you’re trying to build wealth! That one’s clear. But try working backward from there to figure out why that wealth is important in the first place.

Maybe you want to put your kids through college. Perhaps you want to travel the world in retirement without having to worry about money. Maybe you’ve come from humble beginnings and never want to be poor again.

Figure out your 'why', write it down, and bring it to mind every single day. It’ll keep you motivated through the long road ahead and justify every struggle and sacrifice to come.

Decide Your Strategy

Many people who get started in real estate think that all real estate’s made equal. You buy any old property, enjoy the monthly rental income, watch the building appreciate over time, and sit back with your feet up while your wealth starts to grow. Right?

Erm…not quite!

In actual fact, there’s a wide array of real estate investments you could make. To keep things simple for now, though, we’ll focus on the two broad categories that most people choose between:

Commercial and residential property.

As you’d expect, commercial property revolves around retail properties, office space, storage, and so on. Residential property’s all about actual living spaces (AKA peoples’ homes). It’s up to you to decide which type of real estate investment you want to make.

Be sensible with your decision-making. Each form of real estate has its own specific learning curve and individual requirements for success. The route you take will determine what you need to do to build wealth (and how you need to do it).

Diversify Your Investments

The secret to any successful investment strategy is diversification. Basically, you don’t want to over-extend yourself (financially speaking) in any single place. After all, if something goes wrong, then you stand to lose everything!

Having a diverse portfolio of investments is the key to risk mitigation. It’s about moving your eggs out of one basket and spreading them around. This helps to cap the downside and protect your assets in worst-case scenarios.

Think about taking a similar tack with your real estate.

Consider investing in different types of property and in different locations. For example, alongside your residential property purchases, you could do the same as ‘we buy vacant land’ companies and pick up landholdings somewhere as well. With a diversified real estate portfolio, there’ll be a much lower chance of losing the wealth you’ve worked so hard to create.

Research Is Everything

When you’re new to real estate, it can be tempting to jump straight on the first affordable property you come across. You see a house at a reasonable price and assume it’ll make a good investment.

Alas, taking that approach is a recipe for disaster! Why? Because you didn’t do any research first!

Researching the viability of real estate is crucial to success. At a basic level, you need to know if it’ll make you money. And doing lots of research is the best way to figure that out.

Make sure you understand the state of the housing market, the local amenities, and the popularity of the area. See what the demand is like for property in the area, whether there are any plans for development, and what the general forecast for the location is in the years to come. If everything looks favorable, then you can put your money on the table in greater confidence that wealth is on its way.

Be Careful With Leverage

One of the primary obstacles to getting started with real estate is capital. After all, buying property's never cheap, and very few people have the money required to get started.

That’s where getting a loan from the bank can prove so valuable. It provides the leverage you need to get in the game and begin your real estate journey. However, it’s also a bit of a risk…

Basically, all too many investors over-leverage themselves.

They borrow too much, have multiple mortgages on the go at once, and open the door to trouble in the process. Sure, they’ve been able to scale at a much faster rate. But they also put huge pressure on their bank balance if, for whatever reason, the cash stops coming in.

Avoid that fate by being as sensible as possible in this realm. Borrow money in line with what you can afford and how much risk you’re willing (and able) to take on.

Remember This Guide to Building Wealth Through Real Estate

Building wealth through real estate is 100% possible. But with masses of money on the line at any given time, it’s crucial to know what you’re doing. Don’t, and you can hamstring your chances of getting rich with real estate from the outset.

We hope these tips on how to invest in real estate will help in that regard. Keep them in mind and you should be one step closer to making your millions in this industry!

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