Best Real Estate Investments to Grow Your Money This Year

Posted by Casandra Properties on Saturday, February 27th, 2021 at 4:39pm.

If you talk to financial advisors about the best ways to build your equity and net-worth, almost all of them will advise you to start investing in real estate. Why is this such a big deal?

Property values keep trending upward despite the occasional temporary drop. As such, property one of the best areas to invest in long-term. You don't even need the money to buy a nice house to begin, just a starter fund and some knowledge of the market.

Are you ready to start building equity and making money moves? For some of the best real estate investments you can add to your portfolio this year, keep reading.

Real Estate Investors

Rental Properties

As long as the current trends continue, members of the younger generations will keep struggling to buy homes of their own. This means there's a lot of future security in the rental market. If you're willing to take on some basing managerial and maintenance duties, the income from rentals can give you a financial safety net for decades to come.

You don't have to manage an apartment building to be a landlord, either. Consider modifying an existing house into a duplex or purchasing multiple smaller properties around a city. If you already own a vacation home, consider offering it to short-term renters during the off-season while it would normally sit empty.

Passive Real Estate Investing

If you aren't interested in the hands-on approach required for rental properties, consider learning how invest in real estate stocks without buying any properties of your own.

One of the biggest benefits of real estate investment is that it's far less volatile than other types of stock. Unlike businesses and cryptocurrencies that come and go, properties will always have some measure of inherent value. As such, these investments offer better returns with lower risk than playing the Wall Street game.

Quick Cash Sales

Playing the quick cash sale game can be risky, but it can also come with a great payout. If you're able to pick up a foreclosed or abandoned property for dirt cheap, you have a few options to turn your small investment into a larger profit.

Depending on the state of the house you might be able to flip it and resell it yourself. Always make sure to get a house inspected before you snatch it up for a bargain, as it could have significant structural issues that would cost more than the entire property is worth to fix.

If it's commercially zoned, consider tearing it down and marketing it to local entrepreneurs or franchises as a prime business location. Finally, you could try working with a company that's motto is "we buy houses as is" to see if you can get a higher buying price than you initially spent.

These Are the Best Real Estate Investments of 2021

Whether you're an experienced landlord, a veteran house flipper, or a newbie to the housing market, these are some of the best real estate investments to make in the upcoming year. It's time to try your hand at one of these options and watch your net worth grow.

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