Amazingly Affordable Windows! How to Find Energy Saver Windows for Your Home

Posted by Casandra Properties on Friday, January 10th, 2020 at 8:04am.

Windows are everything in your home. They let in natural light, creating a warm and bright home. They can also be the cause of high energy bills.

Replacing your windows and upgrading them to energy saver windows could save you up to $465 a year in energy costs. Not only that, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable in your home.

Do you want to buy the best windows available on the market? Read on to learn how you can find the best energy-efficient windows for your home.

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Form and Function

The first thing you need to do is to understand your needs for the business. You need to look at the form or how the windows look and are designed. You also have to look at the function.

Do you need a window that’s a casement window? This is a window that relies on a crank to open. Do you want a broad picture window? Maybe you want to have a standard double-hung window.

The type of window that you use will have an impact on the level of efficiency. For example, a casement window usually seals when it’s shut. That can prevent air from getting in and getting out.

Frame Materials

The frame that’s used around the window also has an impact on energy savings. Some frames will do much better than others.

For more extreme weather, you can use vinyl. It’s usually seen as a budget choice, but they’re durable and require little maintenance.

Wood is a great choice for many homes. However, in some climates where it rains a lot, the rain could cause the wood to rot out.

Aluminum frames, like these from Bill Butters Windows, are usually a good choice in homes throughout Florida. The reason why is because they can withstand humid and rainy conditions. They can also hold up to strict building codes written to protect communities during hurricanes.

The Type of Glass

When you’re shopping for energy-saving windows, you’re going to come across single-pane windows and double pane windows.

What’s the difference between the two? Single pane windows only have a single layer (pane) of glass. Double-layer windows have two panes of glass, with a layer of gas between them. That layer of gas provides an extra layer of insulation.

Double pane windows will give you much more energy savings than single-pane windows.


Perhaps the most important part of the process to get energy saver windows is the installation. You may try to DIY install them.

You’re leaving a lot to chance. An installation that’s off by one centimeter could detract from any energy savings the windows could provide.

You’re better off leaving the installation to the pros.

Energy Saver Windows Can Make a Difference

Your windows could be costing you a lot of money in high energy bills. You can lower that by choosing energy saver windows.

The type of glass, frame material, installation and the function of the windows all play a part in energy savings. You want to be sure you choose wisely.

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