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By Brian McGowan

So you finally did it. You took the plunge and decided to become an entrepreneur. Now you need to find a retail space where your business will thrive.

Believe it or not, finding the right space for your business may be one of the hardest but most important steps in starting your business. That’s because finding a location you can afford which is convenient for your clients isn’t always easy.

That’s why working with a licensed real estate professional who knows the trade area, is so important.

Below are a few tips to keep in mind when seeking Staten Island retail space for lease.

1.Know how much space you really need – paying for space that you don’t really need is like burning money in a fire. Even if the retail

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Empire Outlets Riverside Galleria

By James Prendamano

Last week I spoke with the Staten Island Advance business reporter, Tracey Porpora about why developers are constructing new Staten Island retail centers when the National trend is to reduce the number of brick and mortar stores.

Currently, Staten Island residents spend upwards of $1.2 billion shopping off Island. The main reason for this is the lack of quality retail options

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South Shore Staten Island

Last month the Staten Island Advance reported that four of the top five neighborhoods for Staten Island homes sales are in the South Shore.

South Shore neighborhoods have a distinctly suburban feel offering large homes on tree lined streets, sprawling beachfront homes and smaller townhomes nestled into vast, wooded areas.  The South Shore offers beautiful parks and open space, chief among them is Conference House Park where you can tour follow trails to ancient Lenape Indian burial grounds or tour the house where General Washington met with leaders of the British army.

There are many reasons that South Shore neighborhoods are considered desirable.  As our own Mario Minelli points out in the article, this area of Staten Island offers new

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Pinots pallete north

Casandra Properties is proud to announce that we have brought yet another great amenity to Staten Island’s north shore. Pinot’s Palette, a notable paint and sip venue which has enjoyed tremendous success in its Tottenville location on 20 Ellis Street, opened a second location at 1367 Forest Avenue.

The commercial space was leased by our very own Sarah Knoblach who said this about the new location,

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Downtown Plaza Commercial Space for Lease

By Brian McGowan

With the economy changing rapidly and the job market being extremely competitive, it’s no wonder that more New York City residents are trying their hand at entrepreneurship.

It takes a special type of individual to become an entrepreneur.  That person has to be willing to gamble on his/herself and risk everything s/he has to become successful.  The risk is high, but so are the

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silver lake si

Staten Island is called the borough of parks for a reason. Per acre, we have more park space than any of the other four boroughs. That says something about the people of Staten Island, we hold nature in high regard.

Silver Lake Park is one of the great gems of the north shore. Born in 1900, when writer and prominent Staten Island resident, John DeMorgan requested funds from the State Assembly

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City & State magazine held a cocktail reception this month for the people it considers to be the most influential on Staten Island.  The reception was held in Snug Harbor Cultural Center and was attended by approximately 300 people.

Borough President James Oddo and former Assemblyman Lou Tobacco addressed the crowd.  Also in attendance were Deputy Borough President Ed Burke, former Borough President James Molinaro, former Councilman Vincent Ignizio, former Councilman Fred Cerullo and Commissioner Tom Cocola who were honorees.  Assemblywoman Nicole Maliotakis, Assemblyman Michael Cusick and Councilmember Debi Rose were also on hand.

Said James Prendamano about being chosen an SI Power 50, “I am humbled to have been chosen as one of Staten

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zombie property si

The Staten Island Advance reported that on December 20, 2016, a new law protecting communities from the blight caused by zombie homes will take effect.

Said James Prendamano, Managing Director of Casandra Properties, “I applaud Governor Cuomo and the legislature for passing “Zombie” legislation and hope the banks and mortgage companies take action to comply.

“In essence, what happens when a bank

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By James Prendamano

Recently the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with the New York City Department of Small Business Services, conducted a survey of businesses and residents in the North Shore to gauge their perception of the area and to determine what would be needed to spur economic development.  High on the list was the need for increased public safety, the need for more

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SI Home For Sale

By James Prendamano

Last week I spoke with the Staten Island Advance about Staten Island homes for sale and the outlook for the future.  Across the board, realtors agree that our borough is the best place for people to invest in a home, condominium or co-op. 

My belief is that the Staten Island real estate market should see steady growth over the next 12 months – marking the 3rd consecutive

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