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pokemon go Staten Island retail leasing
By James Prendamano


Through the ages children have been fascinated by games of hide and seek.  When I was a kid we played “Man Hunt” and we ushered in spring with Easter Egg Hunts.  Most people enjoy solving riddles which is why Pokemon go and scavenger hunts for adults have become so popular.

“Escape Rooms” have been popping up in Las Vegas, California, New York, Florida and South Carolina.  These businesses are made up of various rooms that seem to be ordinary but are in fact a mystery puzzle.  Players gain access by purchasing an admission ticket then they are locked in a room where they must find hidden objects, figure out the clues and solve the puzzles to earn their freedom within a limited time frame (usually 60

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Staten Island lease

By James Prendamano

For the millions of people living in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx, summer weekends usually entail shelling out thousands of dollars to rent a weekend home in the Hamptons, then sitting in traffic for hours on a Friday afternoon along with the millions of other New York City residents who follow the same summer pattern.

For residents of Staten Island, their exodus

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Millenials in Staten Island

By James Prendamano

Millennials may be the most misunderstood generation since the concept of labeling generations was adopted. That may be due to the fact that Millennials are by nature, “anti-label”. This well-educated, progressive group of young adults born between 1981 and 1997 came of age during a financial crisis which may explain why they are more fiscally conscious than some may believe.

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Craft Beer - Staten Island

By: Brian McGowan

Staten Island’s North Shore is already home to the renown Flagship Brewery, a can’t miss spot for anyone seeking delectable home brews. Craft beer connoisseurs come from Park Slope, Jamaica and TriBeca to savor a taste of Staten Island’s home brews. Soon there will be another Staten Island brew house to delight the palate as Kills Boro Brewing Co. seeks a new home in the north

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Urby - Staten Island

by John Pitera

Several years ago, Casandra Properties was engaged by the New York City Economic Development Corporation to find a developer for the former Navy Home-port site on Front Street in Stapleton. The vast acreage and pier that was once home to the USS “The Sullivans”, had been abandoned by the Navy decades earlier when it moved operations to Virginia and several subsequent Requests for

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Dennis Basso - Staten Island

Magnificent furs, elegant gowns and fabulous ready to wear couture will soon be available to a broader public when Dennis Basso opens his first and only outlet store in New York City’s Empire Outlets.

James Prendamano, Managing Director for Casandra Properties, and Andrew Boyle of EB Development, represented Empire Outlets developer, BFC Partners in the deal.

“We are thrilled that Dennis Basso

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Green, Staten Island

By: James Prendamano

As a society we have come to believe that shopping online is better for the environment. A recent study conducted by Simon Property Group, the nation’s largest mall landlord, with help from Deloitte Consulting LLP states that shopping in a brick and mortar store is actually better for the environment than shopping online.

As surprising as the findings may seem, it makes

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Riverside Galleria

Soon borough residents will be able to experience dine in movies right here on Staten Island. The Atrium owned by Jesse and Gregg Scarola is the first tenant to sign on at Riverside Galleria, a 400 thousand retail complex located
at the foot of the Outerbridge Crossing. As part of the project, the developer, Melohn Properties, will be constructing more than 2000 linear feet of new roads which

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Retail space in Staten Island

Downtown Staten Island is becoming the hot spot for young people looking to get out into the neighborhood. By far, their favorite place to hang out is Minthorne, a cool, warehouse that once housed cars but now houses New York City’s famous Flagship Brewery and the award winning Daddy O’s Barbeque.
The Staten Island Railroad Tompkinsville Station has a stop on Minthorne which may be why there are

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Riverside Galleria, a 400 thousand square foot waterfront retail project to be located adjacent to the Outerbridge Crossing in Charleston was one of 5 projects in the spotlight at the SIEDC Business Conference – “Beyond St. George”. James Prendamano, Managing Director for Casandra Properties, exclusive leasing agent for Riverside Galleria told the several hundred people attending the luncheon where

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