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In the post-war period of the 1950s, homeownership was an inseparable part of the American Dream. Soldiers returning from serving in the muddy trenches of Europe were given houses or apartments, and those who hadn't worked up to buy some property independently. The housing market was booming, and with it, the nuclear family too, now that almost everyone had a home and a backyard to raise their children in.

Fast forward almost 70 years later, and the reality is much different. Some cities' population density is astronomically high, while others are left to wither away with barely any citizens in them. In fact, if we told you to picture a city, you would probably instantly think of the busy streets of Manhattan or the traffic-congested

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Becoming a homeowner is every young professional’s dream. The security that comes with owning your place is incomparable. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who misses the stress of struggling to make rent every month. And that is not even mentioning living with all kinds of strange roommates to save money!

But owning a home is much more than just having your personal space and no one to play loud music at 3 AM. It is a long-term financial investment that can even boost your credit score if you pay your mortgage in time. Additionally, it can serve as a financial asset that can gain value over time and later be sold for more than its original price. 

Real estate is truly the smart choice to make when deciding on what to invest in your

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If your heart falls on natural and earthy greenery, then browse Oklahoma land available on the market. Once you see the real estate listings, you will know that buying Oklahoma land is the real deal. And for more reasons than just the view. 

The whole Oklahoma state is surrounded by vast land that waits to be harvest or build on. 

Regardless of what you want to do with the land, go through the benefits that come with the purchase and decide for yourself if that is indeed a smart idea.

Land In Oklahoma

Buy and Own Cheap Land 

One of the reasons why buying land for sale in Oklahoma is a wise investment, is of course the low cost. 

Vacant lots in this state are cheap to get and even cheaper to maintain. As opposed to getting a property or a building

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Lemons and limes are some of the most frequently confused fruits. Due to the amount of times they are used in similar contexts, it can become difficult to tell which is which.

Of course, the fruits have the obvious distinction of colors. Lemons are typically bright yellow, while limes are a dark green. However, even this major difference can fall short sometimes, as some lime varieties turn yellow when ripe.

Without bearing these very telling fruits, distinguishing between a lemon and a lime tree is near impossible to the untrained eye. After all, these two trees flourish in similar environments, and they even have the same appearance at first glance. Still, experts on fruit trees know what details to look for to identify what they're looking

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Remodeling your house may seem like a huge expense however with the right planning and execution, not only will you manage to design a beautiful space but you won’t break the bank doing it. Let’s take a look at some budget ideas for home remodeling in Los Angeles to make your space more appealing to the eyes.

How To Remodel Your Home

Divide And Conquer

When you look at your home as a whole, it is difficult to figure out where to start. However, when you break it down into smaller spaces, it becomes easy to conceptualize a plan for that allocated space. Consider dividing your living space into a seating area, a dining area, and a hobby area. Your hobby area should focus on what you love doing, for example, reading or music. You can consider designing a

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If you think the number of houses getting sold to first-time buyers is dwindling—you'd be wrong. In fact, it's the exact opposite.

2019 was an epic year for real estate sales.

It saw the largest growth of first-time homeowners in the last ten years. In the years leading to it, the numbers have been going up and up. In 2019, there were over two million buyers, proving the industry isn't slowing down in the least.

. . . Which brings us to you.

Are you a new home buyer? What tidbits do you need to know about the process? Before you sign a thing, keep reading.

Home Ownership

1. Invest in Sweat Equity

It won't take you long to see the difference between owning a home and renting an apartment. When something goes wrong, there's no calling the

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Our CEO of Casandra Properties recently spoke with Staten Island Advance Reporter Tracey Porpora on the state of business and service industries, largely with regard to Staten Island since the onset of the pandemic. That said, with vaccines being deployed, there finally seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. 


Along with professors and other industry experts, our Casandra Properties CEO and podcast host James Prendamano shared his views on the ‘new normal,’ as it were, since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. “Technology has disrupted every market,” asserted James Prendamano.


“This has resulted in what we call the decentralization of real estate. We are seeing this inmajor cities across the country, and this explains why

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Getting a swimming pool in your backyard will surely be a great addition to your property as it can boost its value and appeal. More than that, it’ll be easy for you to go for a swim whenever you want.  

But before you go ahead with your pool installation project, there are certain things you may want to consider. Here are five factors you might want to take a look at before you can install a home pool: 

Installing A Pool

  1. The Site  

The first step to installing a home pool is to assess the installation site. If it's a flat surface, it will naturally be easier to install a pool. But if your site is on a slope, the construction costs will likely be higher. Other factors like a high water table, and having sandy or rocky soil will also make the

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A house is one of the major assets you’ll acquire in life. The majority of homeowners believe that their homes' value will continue to increase over the next ten years. However, certain factors determine your house's worth that you cannot control, such as the location and market popularity.  

Proper care for your house should be your priority if you want to increase its value over time. The good news is that following-up with the repairs and implementing smart improvements are proven ways to boost your home value. You can learn more about home improvements such as roof repair or replacement on sites like 

Whether you want to establish equity or get a good deal if you decide to sell soon, you should carefully

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Planning to sell your house? Worried about getting a fair price for your home? Wondering how long you’d have to wait till the right set of buyers come along?

Settling on a price that is just right to attract potential buyers and also get you a fair deal for your home can be a tricky business. While buyers may be interested in properties that are valued low, you may want to watch out for pricing your house too high which could lead it to sit on the market for too long. 

The chances that you meet investors who will buy a house in any condition are very slim, so here are some things to consider while pricing your property to strike the right bargain with potential investors.

Work It Out With Your Agent

A real estate expert can help you best,

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