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Property Investment Is Illiquid, But That’s A Good Thing

Liquid investment is more subject to flux than illiquid investment. Things like Bitcoin can leap up insanely one day, then drop down through the floor the next. Property fluctuates as well, but it takes a lot longer for such shifts to transpire, giving you a greater ability to maximize the associated investment. However, especially in economic turbulence, caution is key.

If you’re considering property investment, the following are five tips to help save you time, money, aggravation, and substantial loss. One golden rule of thumb is worth considering: don’t just jump in with the first “deal” that seems to match what you need. You want to consider all the angles and do your research first. So,

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Selling inherited property, selling an investment property, or selling your own home can be a daunting task. Don't let the overwhelm discourage you. When it's time to sell a property fast, we have some great ideas to help you get it done. 

Sell Property Fast

1. A Great Agent Can Sell a Property Fast

When you're ready to sell your property, you may think that 'For Sale By Owner' is the way to go. According to, only 11% of sellers that attempt to sell without a real estate agent actually close the sale. 

Local licensed real estate agents are knowledgeable about your area and are experts in the real estate field. They know all the ins and outs of selling homes and can help make your experience as painless (and profitable) as possible. 

An agent will

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Making your own schedule, working from home, and meeting interesting people are just a few of the perks of being a real estate agent. But how much commission do real estate agents make?

While a real estate agent career may seem attractive at first glance, take a closer look at the often complex pay structure agents must learn to navigate. Here are five things you should know about real estate agent pay. 

Real Estate Agent Commission

1. What Is A Real Estate Agent?

A real estate agent is a salesperson that has completed a 60-hour real estate course and passed the state's licensing requirements. Real estate agent job responsibilities vary depending on whether the agent represents the buyer or the seller in a real estate transaction. 

As the seller's agent,

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Investing in real estate is not free from risk. To ensure a beneficial investment in San Pedro a real estate agent is a perfect choice. Real Estate agents are professionals who can help you in various real estate investments whether you want to buy an apartment, land, or wish to purchase property for your business.

Real estate agents are experts in their field. Some San Pedro real estate agents can guide you for investment in residential property while some others can guide you to invest in commercial property. You can choose according to your need.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent in San Pedro?

There are many benefits of hiring a real estate agent in San Pedro. Some of them are:

San Pedro Real Estate

Legal Help

There are many legal

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CEO, Host, and Published Author James Prendamano sits down with Dave Foster on this episode of the Casandra Properties podcast. Dave Foster is known for his prowess regarding 1031 exchanges and can be found on his website, the

Dave Foster is a degreed accountant and consultant who currently lived and works out of St. Petersburg, Florida. With decades of experience, he has demystified the 1031 exchange for James Prendamano and the Casandra Properties audience. In other words, this episode provides incredible value to our listeners and should not be missed!

The 1031 Exchange Exists for Investment Real Estate

Dave Foster proclaims that the 1031 exchange exists for investment real estate, and there is even a way to

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Do you want to enjoy the joys of furniture moving? Most people would rather do anything else than handle a move themselves. If you have a move coming up, make sure to think about the benefits of hiring 

furniture movers melbourne. 
Enjoy Moving Furniture


First, when you hire a good mover, you are able to leave the packing of big items to the professionals. Packing by itself accounts for about 25% of the moving expenses. So, if you pack your things yourself, you could end up spending more on boxes and packing materials than with a moving company. 


You’ll probably use more boxes and other materials than you need. You also will probably scratch or damage fragile items because of poor packing, so you could have substantial costs. On the other hand, a

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Los Angeles is the City of Angels, where celebrities and other big stars flock to for flourishing careers.

But not everyone wants to stay in a city with such hustle and bustle forever. Or maybe they want to either upgrade or downsize their house.

Whatever your reason, maybe you want to sell your Los Angeles home. And you have no clue where to even begin.

In that case, you're in luck. We're here to give you a short guide to selling a home in Los Angeles.

Selling Your House in Los Angeles

Get a Real Estate Agent

Even though you'll have to pay a real estate agent to help you, we promise that it's worth every penny spent. This is because they'll know the market inside and out. This means they know about other Los Angeles homes for sale and how much you should price yours in

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Brisbane is one of the world's most liveable cities. It's only a matter of time before the masses realize how awesome Brissy is and swarm into the city. Now is the perfect time to buy real estate in Brisbane and lock in those affordable prices!

Melbourne and Sydney might be Australia's premier cities with endless amenities and entertainment options. But they're also incredibly hectic, sprawling cities with expensive housing.

Not very liveable when compared to Brisbane in Queensland.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the top reasons why you should move to Brisbane and take advantage of the excellent Brisbane real estate market!

Move To River City

1. Brisbane's Weather is Perfect for Sunseekers

"I want to leave my hometown and move somewhere with highs

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Smart home technology manages a home and its systems as quickly as a click on a smartphone. Many homeowners seek out these devices with eager anticipation and confidence in the technology that generations before would've only sampled in sci-fi depictions. Today's homeowners are comfortable incorporating these cutting-edge technologies into the daily lives. If you're considering adding a biometric door lock to your residence, take a moment and consider the potential pros and cons.

The Advantages

Home Security Smart Lock

1.  Keyless Entry

The first and most obvious advantage to installing a biometric door lock is that it is keyless. Keyless entry means that you no longer have to tote around a keychain full of various keys admitting access. If you've found yourself

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If you have ever sold a home, you are familiar with that initial visit from the realtor. What you thought would be a quick process turns into an hour or more of you scribbling out a to-do list as long as your arm. 

A fresh coat of paint, re-caulking the bathroom, fresh mulch in the flower beds, cleaning the gutters--where will it end?

If you had trouble keeping up with these chores while living in the home, why would anyone expect you to do them now that you are moving?

Selling a house as is allows you to skip out on the tedious work of preparing your home for sale.

Whether you need to do some regular maintenance or something more extensive, like replacing the roof or HVAC unit, selling as is can be the solution you are looking for. 

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