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Dealing with the aftermath of a storm can be overwhelming, especially if there's significant damage to your home.

When you're ready to file your homeowners' insurance claims, it's crucial to follow the correct steps so you can get the most benefit possible and start the repair process.

Read on for some tips and information about making an insurance claim after the storm.

Storm Recovery Casandra Properties

Make Sure You're Covered

Before you contact your insurance company, you want to be sure that your property and belongings are covered. While most people's homes are covered due to damage caused by a natural disaster, it isn't always the case.

If you live in a designated flood zone and you don't have separate flood insurance, your private insurance company likely won't

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Have you been wondering, "What is a public adjuster?"

Although you may not need one in your everyday life, a public adjuster can be a valuable asset in navigating your insurance when crisis strikes. Whether it’s your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, you should be prepared for anything. 

Deciding when to hire a public adjuster shouldn’t be a guessing game. Here’s everything you need to know about public adjusters and when to pull the trigger. 

Public Adjuster Casandra Properties

What is a Public Adjuster?

What does a public adjuster do? A public adjuster is an insurance professional used by policyholders when settling an insurance claim on his or her behalf. Nine times out of ten, these claims involve flood, smoke, fire, wind and hurricane damage. Other damage can also be

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Living in a home that feels too small can lead to feeling claustrophobic or even imprisoned. However, just because your home feels too small doesn't mean it actually is. There are several things you can do to make your home feel bigger.

For one, you can learn how to make space with some simple design and organizational tips. Additionally, you can learn how to create the illusion of space. Finally, you can opt for renovation. 

Obviously, some tricks for making space in your home will be cheaper than others. However, it will all be worth it in the end, regardless of how you decide to proceed. 

Make Space Casandra Properties

How to Make Space in Your Home

As suggested above, there is no singular solution to learning how to make space in your home. Here's a quick look at

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Investing is something that we all want to do based on its merits. Who wouldn’t want to try a proven way to wealth?

Early retirement can be more than a possibility. However, real estate investing like other forms of investment is challenging. There’s no guarantee that you'll succeed especially if you don't have the right resources. Nevertheless, once on the right track, success is highly likely.

Like with all great opportunities, there are some key traits and elements that you must have in order to succeed. These are organization, perseverance, knowledge, integrity and a strong network.

Do you want to get good at investing and make some serious cash? Read this article to learn the best real estate investing tips.

Get Good At Investing Casandra Properties

1. Real Estate Investing

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You’ve heard the common stories. People who thought they had flood coverage didn’t find out they had enough coverage until it was too late.

Climate change is making is necessary to consider flood insurance, and it’s not just limited to people in coastal areas. The number of heavy storms is increasing the risk of inland flooding across the country.

Do you find yourself asking “How much flood insurance do I need?”

Read on to learn a few facts about flood insurance and how you know you have enough coverage.

Flood Insurance Casandra Properties

1. You’re Not Covered by Homeowners Insurance

The biggest misconception about flood insurance is that people assume they’re covered through homeowners insurance.

Flood insurance is a completely separate policy that can be added to

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Benefits of selling Casandra Properties

Are you in a hurry to sell your house? You’re probably panicking about the upcoming process of hiring a realtor, showing your home to a bunch of strangers and waiting for some of them to give a solid offer. What if this stressful and time-consuming period can be avoided? 

It really can be, if you decide to sell your property to a homebuyer company, such as Stewardship Properties, purchasing properties in an incredibly short timeframe, without performing a detailed inspection of their condition. 

Doing business with such a company will save you plenty of time, additional expenses as well as give you an opportunity to move on with your life at once. Read more about the benefits of such as a sale. 

Quick method of sale 

Selling your property

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Spring is fast approaching and a lot of you have big goals for your yards and property. Your biggest hurdle is that you don't know how to landscape your yard.

Try these tips and be the envy of your neighborhood. 


Do you have centerpieces or points of interest in your yard? If you look outside, you might see a worn-down path of grass between them.

Create small stepping stones between the points of interest on your lawn. This is an easy task that requires a small digging shovel to create pockets to place your path materials.

You can use stone, marble, or brick to make a durable path, but it should coordinate with the color and texture of your house.

Your new path to the firepit will have visual appeal and pragmatic purpose.

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Co-op or condo? Ranch or multi-story? New construction or good old-fashioned craftsmanship? Buying a home involves countless decisions—but none may be quite so important as the mortgage and mortgage lender you choose to finance your home.

In fact, most experts recommend that you begin shopping for your mortgage even before you start shopping for your new home. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage by one or more lenders can provide you with realistic budget parameters, give sellers confidence in your ability to secure financing, put you in a better negotiating position, and make closing on your home faster and easier.

The right kind of mortgage and the best mortgage lender for you depends on several factors. You might want to start by contacting

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Did you know that 31 percent of households in the United States have trouble paying their energy bills each month?

Even if you're not part of this group, chances are you'd like to save some money by reducing the amount of energy you use throughout your home.

If this is the case for you, keep reading. Explained below are some awesome energy-saving ideas that will help you make your home a more energy-efficient place.

Conduct an Energy Audit

A good starting point when you want to improve your energy-efficiency is to conduct an energy audit.

During an energy audit, a professional comes to take a look at your home and evaluate how much energy you're using on a regular basis. They'll also let you know which aspects of your home use up the

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Soundproofing Anything Casandra Properties

Imagine coming home from a long day at work, and not being able to relax or nap. Many reasons can affect your comfort and rest. One of them is not having a soundproof room. As a result of this, noise will constantly enter through the walls, and you won't be able to sleep, concentrate, or think for that matter.

Moreover, if this issue is driving you insane, then you need to do something about it, and you need to do it fast. Sleep is necessary for everyone. There are a lot of ways that you can soundproof a room by using the right materials. Whichever ones you choose to use is up to you. 

There are more expensive ones and cheaper ones as well. Make sure to set aside some money because the prices can vary.  But first, you need to find out as much

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