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Imagine this.

Waking up in the morning and enjoying a cup of coffee on your sunny deck. The heat hits you the moment you open your door, but you revel in it. You grab an orange and banana from the trees in your backyard for breakfast.

It's Friday, and you're off to your last workday of the week in your cushy health sector job. The weekend consists of Disneyworld on Saturday and the beach on Sunday if the rain holds off.

If this sounds like your picturesque life, you should consider moving to Florida. The Sunshine State is a beautiful place to call home, but it's not for everyone.

It's essential to get a full grasp of what Florida is truly like before you make any decisions. Read on to learn what it's like to live in Florida to see if it's

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If you're asking, "What's a mortgage?" you might be trying to buy a house or trying to figure out how to do a refinance.

Understanding what mortgages are and how they work can be helpful throughout your life. Continue reading this article to learn what mortgages are and how they work.

What is a mortgage

Understanding Mortgages

When you take on a mortgage, you're getting a loan from a bank or private lender. Both businesses and individuals can get mortgages to purchase property, and there are different types of mortgages from traditional mortgages to cash out refinance mortgages.

Like many other loans, mortgages require that you pay monthly payments until you pay them off. Depending on how high your credit score is, you may be able to get a very attractive

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Did you know that a cedar wooden fence can last between 15 to 30 years? If you are looking to replace your current fence or add a new fence for privacy then you are in the right place. We are going to go over how much does a fence cost.

Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect to pay.

Fence for you home

Vinyl Fences

If you opt for a vinyl fence you are looking to spend around $20 a foot for material. The installation will cost between $15 to $30 per linear foot. An average size yard will cost between $2,800 to $5,500 depending on the height you choose.

There are plenty of vinyl fence colors to choose from to make your fence unique to your home and your style. Vinyl fences are made from PVC plastic, which means that they are low maintenance and

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Casandra Properties, Inc. is pleased to announce they have just recently reached 5,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel. 

5,000 Subscribers on Youtube for Casandra Properties

The channel features regular ongoing series such as Cooking with Mario Minelli, Becca’s Real Estate Tips, and Rob’s Real Estate Outlook, along with special features and industry updates by CEO James Prendamano, as well as how-to’s, investing tips, and of course, walk-throughs of new listings. Casandra Properties’ YouTube success comes on the heels of its new podcast studio announcement, wherein additional series will be developed regularly, providing even more video footage for its YouTube channel, which has generated nearly 260,000 views since its launch in August 2014.

The professionals of Casandra Properties have

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You are happily shopping for your new home and you are even looking for big cages for enough space because, once you move, your pet will afford this luxury. However, as you start thinking about your pets, you become a little bit worried. You’ve already heard it before, some pet owners faced hurdles in selling their house precisely because they had been sharing it with dogs or cats. Here are some tips to tackle any potential obstacles your furry friend might involuntarily put between you and your buyers. 

Selling Your House Living With Pets

Allow potential buyers to visit your home undisturbed

You certainly love your loyal dog, but when somebody new comes to your home, and that somebody is a potential buyer, you should allow them to visit the property at ease. This might sound

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Selling your home is a stressful time. You're trying to figure out the market value of your property so you can price your home right. You're dealing with real estate agents. You're hosting open houses.

There's just a lot going on that it's easy to get things befuddled. One important part of selling a house that you need to stay on top of though is the costs of selling a home.

That's right — there are some significant costs associated with selling any property. To help you keep them straight during this stressful time, we've listed five such hidden costs associated with selling a home in this article.

Hidden Costs of Selling a Home

1. Real Estate Agent Commission

The first cost to be aware of are the real estate agent commission involved. These commissions may be

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If you want to indulge yourself with a scope like the ones reviewed in this article or simply to pamper yourself by paying for that vacation that you have been dreaming about, a great way to start saving money is to lower your energy consumption. This will be good for your wallet but also for the environment, so try to follow these tips.

Easy Ways to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

1. Know your lighting 

A great way to save energy is to replace your light bulbs with LED bulbs, a solution that is very effective in terms of energy saving. A LED bulb that is the equivalent of a 60W normal bulb will use as little as 8.5W, so you can imagine how much you could be saving just by adding such a small change to your home.

2. Reduce the use of your air conditioner

We know that living in areas

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You will come across many house owners who prefer to store away their belongings, especially furniture in self-storage units. It is often seen that these storage units do not come with any type of insurance coverage. Nonetheless, proof of insurance coverage for all of your stored items is necessary before any rental agreement can be signed.

It is needless to say that enrolling for a new insurance coverage can often prove to be misleading or confusing. Thus, it is important that you get all your doubts cleared before committing in either way. There may be several questions that may be jumping in your mind. If there is a need for an insurance coverage but you do not have one, how to go about getting it? Are your belongings stored in a storage unit

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Do not miss this opportunity to live in or – or own – a fantastic condo at the Accolade!  Located at 90 Bay Street Landing in St. George!   It’s all about form, function, and accessibility in this premier condo building, which offers stylish living space and easy access to the city. (You also get a well-lit parking spot.)  Located in St. George, Staten Island. Enjoy a 25-minute commute via ferry to downtown New York City. 35 minutes to Downtown Brooklyn.  45 minutes to Midtown.

The Accolade Staten Island

Sophistication meets function in this well- appointed building in St. George.

Open your front door to a beautiful and bright entryway, offering plenty of closets, as well as additional storage and décor space.  

You will enjoy cooking in your upgraded kitchen

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Lighthouse Hill is a unique enclave on Staten Island, surrounded by the Greenbelt Conservancy, with the LaTourette Golf Course at its southern tip. This area was formerly known as Richmond Hill, of course, that was until its eponymous lighthouse was built in 1912.

Lighthouse Hill Staten Island

Victorian manors, colonials, along with small cottages and mid-century ranches comprise this neighborhood, many of them replete with well- manicured gardens, and retro-style in-ground swimming-pools. In many ways, Lighthouse Hill is a suburban time-capsule that yields a rich history. Arguably, it features the most distinctive architecture on the Island. While Staten Island boasts five other hills: Ward, Todt, Emerson, Grymes, and Sunset, the tallest of which is Todt Hill,

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