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It’s more important than ever before to keep our office spaces spotless!

COVID-19’s upon us and looks set to be around for some time. With over 2.5 million confirmed cases in the US so far and people slowly heading back to work, it’s crucial that we sanitize our workspaces to prevent the spread of germs.

Of course, it shouldn’t take a global pandemic to incentivize thorough office cleaning! With people, foot traffic, and food around, it’s always important to keep things clean and tidy at work.

A comprehensive cleaning supply list should help you do it.

After all, the motivation to do a spot of spring cleaning’s all well and good. But you won’t get far without the right supplies for the job. Are you looking for advice on what to keep stocked in

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Are you planning on selling your place and moving somewhere new? Before you can start showing an apartment to potential buyers, you need to give it a good cleaning.

So, how do you deep clean an apartment? Keep reading to find out how, and get ready to sell your home in no time. 

How To Deep Clean An Apartment


One of the first things you should do before starting your deep cleaning is to get rid of all the clutter. This is also handy in helping you get rid of stuff you don't need for when you start packing for your move. To help you sort through your things, start by making three piles: one for tossing, one for donating, and one keeping. 

It might be difficult deciding between keep, donate, and what you want to throw away. Envision your new home and think about

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Hello, everybody, welcome to the first Casandra Properties Podcast.  I am joined by my esteemed colleague partner.  Right hand left hand and everything in between.  Becca, Becky, Rebecca, Reba Matulonis. Say Hi Rebecca! And of course we have Petey, on the ones and twos behind us. Petey is our Creative director and our CMO. He takes care of everything digital Casandra Properties and it's been a really interesting ride.  We'll get into that as we move forward in the program we wanted to start today, just kind of give a brief roll up right of the company and the origins how we started how he ended up where we are today and kinda lay the foundation of what the podcast will be about as we move forward.  So we wanted this to be a

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If you do manual work like plumbing, building, or even cooking, you might consider some injuries to be part of your job. It's true that long days in blue-collar jobs cause aches and pains. Some injuries incurred at work are more serious than the day-to-day ordeal and often are considered industrial accidents.

What's an industrial accident mean for you? In some cases, industrial accidents certified by a physician give you the right to paid leave or other compensation from your state and/or employer. 

Without the right information, it's impossible to know what's considered an industrial accident and what's a common workplace injury. That's exactly why you should read this quick and easy industrial accident information.

Industrial Accidents

Industrial Accidents vs.

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Are you a business owner? Looking to find out what exactly a capital allowance is, and how you can claim it? 

Well, you're in the right place. In simple words, when you claim capital allowances, your business gets to pay less tax on purchased assets. 

But that's not all. In this article, we will cover the scope of a capital allowance claim in-depth. 

So keep reading to learn more.

Capital Allowance Claim

What Is a Capital Allowance?

A capital allowance is a specific type of tax relief on a variety of purchases, which are deemed to be essential for a company to run its business. For instance, if you own a coffee shop, an espresso machine could be considered for a capital allowance. 

The purchases must remain with your business as a financial asset.

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The Fourth of July -- also known as Independence Day -- or simply July 4th -- has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1941. July 4th celebrations, however, go all the way back to the 18th century. These days we often celebrate the holiday with barbecues, beach trips, family, friends, and viewing firework displays.  

The Declaration of Independence Was Signed

While we celebrate our nation’s independence on the 4th, did you know the United States of America actually gained independence two days prior on the 2nd?  The Continental Congress voted in favor Independence from England on the July 2,1776.  For the last 250 years, however, we have been coming together to celebrate our independence, on the anniversary of

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Andrew Carnegie, one of the richest Americans in history, famously stated that 90% of millionaires acquired their wealth through real estate investment.

Property investment is overwhelmingly stable as an investment and secured by a physical asset. This makes it a very popular investment strategy.

Are you considering investing in real estate, but aren't sure what your options are?

Let's take a look at 5 real estate investment strategies.

Real Estate Investment Strategies

1. Long-term Rentals

A classic property investment strategy is to buy properties that you rent out to tenants as their long-term home. Tenants might rent your property for several months or for several years.

As a landlord, you'll be responsible for drafting a lease, marketing the property, making

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If you're thinking of selling your home making some small fixes and updates could save you money and avoid negotiations with the buyers. 

Negotiating with buyers about common home repairs can lead to the sale falling through. Make sure your home looks as good as it can before inviting buyers to view your place.

Small, cosmetic fixes can make your house fresh and appealing. You don't have to spend a lot of money to fix some common home repairs.

Read on to learn about 5 things to pay attention to before you sell your home.

Home Repairs To Make Before Selling

1. The Roof

One of the first things a potential buyer of your home will see is the roof. Fixing small issues with the roof is an easy and cheap way to spruce up the outside appearance of your house.

Check for loose

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Did you know that floods cause billions of dollars in damage every year in the United States alone? 

While flooding may not be on your radar, if you're in a flood zone, you should be aware of the potential damage to your property and wallet. 

While you can't prevent a natural flood, you can protect yourself from the losses that can follow it with flood insurance. 

But is the cost of flood insurance really worth it? We think so. Let's talk about it.

Keep reading to learn about flood insurance and when you might want to invest in it to protect your future.

Flood Insurance

Is Flood Insurance Required? 

Flood insurance isn't required country-wide. There are parts of the country in which mandated flood insurance wouldn't be useful to the average property

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COVID-19 through a giant wrench in the housing market when it hit in February. No one knows for sure whether the market is going to emerge as a buyer or a seller. But with the impending recession, all indications are that it's going to be a buyer's market. 

Do you want to know if it's 2020 portends a seller's or buyer's market? Read on to learn what 2020 has in store for the Dallas real estate market.

Dallas Real Estate Market


COVID-19 didn't just hit U.S. housing markets; it hit global housing markets. And COVID-19 isn't only affecting housing markets; it's affecting every market. In Dallas, many residents who were seeking their houses are now pleading for anybody to "sell my property now."

The average Dallas home price dropped as low as 35% from the

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