8 Simple Ways To Add To Your Curb Appeal [by Rob Nixon]

Posted by Casandra Properties on Monday, May 11th, 2020 at 4:11pm.

My Name Is Rob Nixon.

I Am A Licensed Real Estate Specialist.

And I’m Also a Lawn-o-holic.

According to a study that was reported in Million Acres,  84% of Americans agreed that the quality of a home's landscaping and exterior would influence their decision to buy it or not. I firmly stand behind this credo, myself. I have witnessed it on a personal level, and as a real estate broker – time and time again for both commercial and residential properties. I have seen previously enthusiastic buyers turn on their heels in a second because of it. Truth be told, I have been ‘following’ curb appeal since I was in the fourth grade; I just hadn’t heard the term yet.

I loved landscaping as a kid, as I do to this very day. I enjoyed mowing lawns, the whole experience, and how rewarding it was. At the age of 12 1/2, in the spring of 7th grade, I started my own landscaping business. I tended to the lawns and gardens of 10 properties in my neighborhood. I did well. And my business grew year over year – in both a literal and figurative sense!

Now, while “on pause” during the COVID-19 crisis, I have finally had the time to design and landscape my own property. And in doing so, I’ve collected these key points about sprucing up your property that you should know. You can maximize the curb appeal of your home without dropping a ton of cash, either. A little money will go a long way.

Here are 8 simple ways to add to your curb appeal:

  • It seems obvious, yet some people don't do it – or care to do it.  Fill in that lawn. With seed or sod. And then add fertilizer and water. But please do something! It makes a tremendous difference. Lawn is meant to be a rich green color – and lush! 
  • Trim your lawn and your hedges regularly.
  • Brighten up your front porch, steps and walkways with container gardening. Line up your planters and fill them with perennial/annuals spring and fall. Mum is the word. 
  • Pressure Wash. Pressure Wash. Pressure Wash everything on your outside of your home than can bear it: sidewalks, steps, walkways, etc. 
  • Install exterior lighting to illuminate pathways, entryways, garden, masonry work and other focal points. 
  • Touch up and patch up sidewalks as necessary. If need be, paint and stain wherever you need to; it will keep things looking fresh.
  • Pressure wash everything once again for good measure. No one has ever complained that something is “too clean.” Also, it’s so satisfying!

Stay healthy, happy, and we’ll speak again soon!

About The Author:
Written by: Rob Nixon, Licensed Real Estate Specialist
Email: rob@casandraproperties.com
Rob Nixon has quickly become one of Staten Island’s most productive and well-regarded commercial real estate agents, and has been directly involved in several hundred million dollars in transactions during his tenure. While Robert covers the full gamut of the industry, his expertise lies in investment sales, retail leasing, and industrial transactions.


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