8 Crucial Things to Know Before Starting a Home Renovation

Posted by Casandra Properties on Wednesday, April 28th, 2021 at 8:31am.

A home renovation project can be an adventure. However, it is the kind of adventure that will easily throw you off the rails if you aren’t careful. Many things can go wrong with your project. From exceeding your budget, to hiring the wrong contractor or realizing that you chose the wrong tile color, the entire process can be stressful.


If you plan on starting your home renovation project soon, it is wise to prepare and do your research. Here are eight crucial things that will help complete your project without any regrets.

  1. Plan for Waste Removal

Expect to produce a lot of waste during your home renovation project. You may have your backyard filled with dirt and old materials. Before embarking on the renovation, ensure that you have a clear plan to get rid of the waste.

One of the best ways to get rid of your waste is by donating it to others. If your old material is still in good condition, someone else could benefit from it. Most donation centers will be happy to take whatever you have.

Alternatively, you can work with recycling services. In Perth and the surrounding areas, you will find lots of recycling companies that can get rid of your renovation waste. The best skip bin hire Perth companies help you reduce your carbon footprint. Work with licensed and affordable options.

  1. Mix Pro Help With DIY

Even though you want to leave most of the work to professionals, it is okay to complete simple jobs on your own. DIYs are a great idea if you are a handy and patient person. Be realistic about the things you can do and avoid pushing your luck. If you aren’t confident in your ability to do a job perfectly, don’t do it.

Consider the amount of free time you have as well. For example, it would be inconvenient to keep going to the downstairs bathroom for weeks because you are trying to renovate the one upstairs without professional help.

If you have a project that demands you move walls or complete other complex tasks, leave it to the pros. You may even want to bring in a designer along with the contractor. Designers may not seem necessary but they ease the pain of making important design decisions.

  1. Vet Your Contractors

Even though the market is filled with contractors, finding the right one for your project takes some time. One of the best ways to find great contractors is through the recommendations of family and friends. When you have a list of the potential contractors, do phone interviews and then in-person interviews when you have a short list.

Online reviews and references may be helpful as well. Before working with a contractor, ask for the following:

  •  Bond number and certification

  •  Lien history

  •  Contractor’s license

  • Proof of general liability insurance

Since you will be spending a lot of money on your renovation project, ensure that you get nothing but the best.

  1. Put Everything In Writing

Even if you trust your contractor completely, ensure that you put every important piece of information in writing. Draw up a clear contract detailing all steps of your project and everything that is entailed. It should include proof of insurance, the start and completion dates of the project, contractor requirements, and the materials to be used. Insist on getting a comprehensive contract before going forward with anything. A good contract is your insurance. It is more about assurance than mistrust.

  1. Test Run Your Materials and Colors

Have you decided to use aged oak for your new cabinets or have you picked the most gorgeous shade of pink for your bathrooms? It would be wise to order a few samples before your big day. Get samples of everything you need. From paint colors to carpet and curtain materials, you don’t want to be disappointed after your renovations.

Patterns and colors change depending on the light. Spend some time with your options before deciding if you really want them. Having the opportunity to feel your colors and materials out will help you determine if you really like them. Ideally, you should have as many samples as possible.

  1. Budget Early

Before starting your home renovation, get quotes from multiple contractors. Do not settle for the first quote you get. Shopping around will ensure that you get the best deal. Avoid contractors that appear unwilling to offer straightforward quotes.

Even though it is important to have a budget, you need to be flexible. Plans change and the budget you set beforehand may not be appropriate. You don’t want a low budget to compromise on the quality of your project. Ideally, you should get the best results for your project at the best time.

  1. Get a Key Lockbox

If you are renovating your house but won’t be moving into it for some time, you may need to invest in a key lockbox. If you will be working with contractors and you don’t live close by, you need a way to ensure that they can get in. Most contractors prefer to start early and you don’t want to get up early every morning to let them in. Consider installing smart door hardware or lockbox for easy entry. It promotes convenience for you and your contractors, and saves you time.

  1. Realistic Timelines

Home Renovations Painting

Even though you may wish to complete your project as soon as possible, you must set a realistic timeline. Most renovations take longer than expected and you must be okay with that. Prepare for alternative accommodation or you will end up frustrated and angry. If, for example, you wish to remodel your kitchen, you may need to wait up to ten weeks depending on the specifics.

Consider the amount of time you will need to get building permits, remove old fixtures, get new ones, and install them. Your contractor should help you set realistic expectations.

Home renovations can be more complicated than they seem. Many homeowners do not know where to begin and they end up making costly mistakes. Some planning and research will save you lots of time and heartache. One of the most important things to do is work with professions. From contractors to waste removal companies, getting the help of industry experts is always a good idea.


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