7 Signs You Need a Real Estate Lawyer Consultation

Posted by Casandra Properties on Wednesday, April 15th, 2020 at 10:16am.

Are you going to be buying or selling a piece of real estate sometime soon? You're not going to want to do it without having a real estate lawyer by your side.

Yes, hiring a real estate lawyer will add to the costs of buying real estate or cut into the profits associated with selling it. But it'll also make the process of buying or selling real estate so much simpler on you.

Here are seven signs that'll let you know you need to schedule a real estate lawyer consultation right away.

Real Estate Lawyer Consultation

1. You're Looking for Someone to Provide You With Unbiased Advice

When you're getting ready to buy or sell real estate, there won't be any shortage of people trying to give you advice. Everyone from your family members to your real estate agent will be showering you with advice at every turn.

But of course, most of the advice that they give you will not be unbiased. The people who provide you with it will have something to gain if you take their advice in most instances.

This won't be the case with a real estate lawyer. A good real estate attorney will listen to the situation that you're in and set you up with unbiased advice based on their professional opinion. You'll feel better about taking this advice and using it to your advantage when you're working your way through a real estate transaction.

2. You're Struggling to Understand the Legal Jargon You're Hearing

Do you feel like you're listening to someone speak in another language when they start talking to you about a real estate transaction? Real estate agents will often attack their clients with a barrage of words like "contingencies" and "sale-leasebacks."

Many people will simply nod along like they know what their real estate agents are talking about. But they won't have the slightest clue what they're saying.

During a real estate lawyer consultation, you can find out the meanings behind the fancy legal jargon that you've been subjected to. You'll feel so much more confident about signing a real estate deal.

3. You're Confused About a Contract You've Been Asked to Sign

Have you ever sat down and tried to read a real estate contract?

Despite the importance of these contracts, they're not written for the average person to understand. Your head might actually start to spin if you ever try to make it through an entire real estate contract in one sitting.

Why bother trying to wrap your head about everything in a contract when you could have a real estate lawyer review it instead? They'll make notes on anything that concerns them and fill you in on the important details later so that you don't get stuck navigating your way through a real estate contract yourself.

4. You're Thinking About Buying or Selling Real Estate That Has Legal Issues

There are lots of different legal issues that could affect your ability to buy or sell a piece of real estate. Some of these issues are:

If you attempt to handle these legal issues on your own or don't address them prior to buying or selling real estate, they could pose problems later. You could end up with a very bad real estate investment on your hands, or you could find yourself on the wrong side of a lawsuit.

You can iron out the legal issues associated with a piece of real estate you want to buy or sell during a real estate lawyer consultation. A lawyer can talk to you about how these issues will impact both you and the buyer or seller of the real estate.

5. You're Having a Hard Time Negotiating a Real Estate Deal

Some real estate negotiations are short and to the point. A buyer makes an offer for a piece of real estate, the seller of said real estate counters their offer, and the two sides strike a deal somewhere in between each of their offers in the end.

But there are also some real estate negotiations that don't go quite as smoothly. They drag on for extended periods of time, and eventually, they fall apart as the two sides fail to reach an agreement.

If you ever find yourself in the middle of one of these real estate negotiations, a lawyer can talk to you about the options that you have. They can also suggest alternatives that will help you avoid having to walk away from a deal.

6. You're Worried About Losing Money on a Real Estate Transaction

As we mentioned earlier, scheduling a real estate lawyer consultation is going to cost you money. But it'll be money well spent if there is a chance that not hiring a lawyer could cost you money at the end of a deal.

If you're worried at all about the possibility of a piece of real estate costing you too much money or not bringing in enough money, have a word with a lawyer about it. They can address your financial concerns and stop you from losing money on a deal.

7. You're Considering Taking Legal Action Following a Botched Real Estate Deal

Are you thinking about taking legal action against the buyer or seller of a piece of real estate following a botched deal? It's better to have a lawyer who is familiar with your case on your side as opposed to someone who doesn't know anything about the situation.

It's why you should always arrange to have a real estate lawyer consultation at the start of a real estate deal. It'll make it easier for a lawyer to step in and help you take legal action later on.

Just be sure to set up a consultation with a lawyer who specializes in real estate. You wouldn't hire, say, a divorce lawyer when you need a mesothelioma lawyer. So you shouldn't call on a criminal lawyer to try and do the job of a real estate lawyer.

Set Up a Real Estate Lawyer Consultation Today

Some real estate buyers and sellers will try to get around using lawyers. They don't want to rack up additional costs when it comes to trying to complete a real estate transaction.

But the truth is that you can't afford to not have a real estate lawyer consultation, especially if you notice any of the signs listed here. They're proof that you can benefit from having a real estate lawyer on your side more often than not.

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