7 Key Factors to Consider When Deciding Where to Move

Posted by Casandra Properties on Thursday, August 8th, 2019 at 9:14am.

Moving away can feel scary and worrisome, but when life changes or financial opportunities happen, sometimes it's the only thing that makes sense. If you are thinking about pulling up stakes and moving yourself and your family, there are several considerations to think about before deciding where to move.

For more information that you should consider before deciding on a new area to call home, check out this simple guide!

7 Key Factors to Consider When Deciding Where to Move

1. Crime Statistics

While there will always be some crime in whatever area you move to, it is important to know how well the community is policed. Many states have area crime statistics readily available on the internet, along with figures on any neighborhood watch presence. Better to know beforehand than to be unpleasantly surprised.

2. When Deciding Where to Move, Think Infrastructure

Another important factor when deciding on a new place to live is the quality and number of public transportation options, schools, and hospitals. If you need to commute to your job, you will need a home close to a bus or train station.

For those with school-age children, choosing an area with a good school will be the top priority. In case of emergency or chronic health issues, the quality of the area's healthcare will be critical.

3. Living Standards and Affordability

It is essential to know the cost of living for the area you plan on moving to. Major cities require more money for housing and utilities than rural areas. If you cannot afford to live in a particular area, your budget will end up determining the best places for you to move.

4. Climate and Weather Patterns

If you are tired of snow and ice and are looking for a sunny new home, the Sun Belt may sound like a wonderful change of pace. It is essential to know what the weather for your new city will be like and take your personal preferences into account. You should also consider how prone the area is to natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, and flooding.

5. How Close You Will Be to Family

One big reason that people move is their family, whether to be closer or to get as far away as possible. If you are experiencing medical issues or have young children, having a family member nearby could be very useful. If you're trying to turn the page, you can strike out on your own and begin a new life of your choosing.

6. Lifestyle and Environment

Where you plan on moving can depend mainly on how you like to spend your time. For those who enjoy outdoor pursuits like hunting, kayaking, and hiking, a rural area would be the best option. If you can't live without takeout, taxis, and theater, a major urban city is probably your best bet.

7. What Is the Job Situation Like?

Job opportunities vary from place to place, so make sure that you can find a job that will let you support yourself. Taking the time to learn if companies are hiring in your field where you plan on moving can save you a lot of stress. You should also consider having a job lined up before you commit to moving.

Wherever You Plan on Moving, Do Your Research

Uprooting your life and moving somewhere new can be daunting, but the right information will help you in deciding where to move. If you need help deciding on the right area for you, contact Casandra Properties today!





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