7 Driveway Gate Designs and Inspiration for Your New Custom Driveway

Posted by Casandra Properties on Friday, May 29th, 2020 at 8:54am.

Selecting the right driveway gate designs can be quite challenging. You want something that'll match your personality and the style of your home as well. Driveway gates have multiple purposes and benefits. 

They're aesthetically pleasing and provide you with security. Because there are so many different types of gates for your home, you shouldn't just choose the first gate you see or the first type of gate that comes to mind. 

Take a few moments to gather your thoughts and think about what you want most from your driveway gate. Do you want something that'll look awesome? Are you looking for security features? 

Do you want a good mix of both? Answer these questions and then continue reading below. Here is our list of different types of home driveway gates that you should consider.

Driveway Gate Designs

1. Privacy Gate

There are many beautiful driveway gates with stunning designs and patterns, but they also allow those passing by to see into your yard through the gate. This might be fine for some homeowners, but for others, it might allow too much of a visual. 

If you're looking for a gate that'll keep others out and stop their eyes from spying, then you'll need to consider a privacy gate. Privacy gates are solid and tall to prevent anyone from seeing into your yard. You can also find privacy gates in an array of designs.

Be sure to do some research to find one that'll go well with the exterior of your home. 

2. Sliding Gate

Sliding gates can also be made with various materials and designs. A sliding gate will slide open and closed rather than swing. There are a few options to choose from in this category as well. 

For example, you can install an automated sliding gate that'll open and close with a button or sensor. If you choose to have a customized sliding gate, then you'll experience all the convenience that they bring. You won't have to worry about unlocking and opening the gate yourself or it getting in the way of the driveway.

Do keep in mind, however, that these gates require a lot of horizontal room to open fully. You can also choose to have the gate only open halfway to save space.

3. Wrought Iron Gate

Wrought iron gates are historic. You can find these gates on older homes, buildings, and even protecting monuments around the world. Although you might believe that in order to make a wrought iron gate look good on a home, the home must be historical. This simply isn't true. 

Wrought iron gates are timeless. They also work well with all different home styles. If you choose a wrought iron gate for your home, then you can also have peace of mind knowing that you've selected a durable gate option. 

And because wrought iron is easily melded, you can create an endless amount of custom designs and gate ideas for driveways.

4. Security Gate

Security gates are similar to privacy gates in that they're tall and solid. To open and close the gate, homeowners normally have a remote control. You can also install a box at the gate or have a security guard working it. 

Security gates are designed with your safety in mind, so they must be made with sturdy and durable materials. As with privacy gates, there is still room for customization, though. 

These gates can come in wood, metal, and other high-quality materials. 

5. Metal Design Gate

Metal gates can be customized in many ways. They don't have as much privacy as other gates, but these are the gates that'll bring you the most customization. With metal gates, you can create some amazing, eye-catching designs for your driveway. 

You can have the metal spell out your family's last name or display deer heads on them for those living on farms or more rural areas. You can have leaves displayed on the gates or even geometric patterns. 

Whatever pattern or design you can think of, it can be done on a metal gate. 

6. Wood and Stone Gate

Another great idea for a customized driveway gate is to mix different materials together. Wood and stone gates give a good mix of natural elements. The gate itself can be made of wood and customized to meet your design needs. 

The arch around it or pillars that hold the gates in place can be made of stone. You can also consider installing a wooden gate and laying down stone pavers for the driveway itself. The combination is unique and fits well with many home designs. 

7. Custom Pillars

When you have a gate installed, the gate will need posts or pillars on either side of it to support it. These pillars can be simply painted to match a home's exterior, but you have so many more customizable options if desired. 

Consider using wood, stone, or concrete to create a unique pillar look. To truly enhance the customized look, you can add statues of your liking on top of the pillars or planters.

Which Driveway Gate Designs Will You Try?

If you're planning on installing a new driveway gate entrance, then you'll want to try out a few of these driveway gate designs. Which one of these designs grabs your attention the most? Remember to keep your own personality and style in mind, along with the exterior design of your home when choosing the right one.

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