6 Top Tips For Selling Your Home As Is (No Matter What Condition It's In!)

Posted by Casandra Properties on Thursday, November 14th, 2019 at 9:12am.

Are you considering selling your home as is?

If you house isn't in great shape, but you arent in a position to perform extensive repairs, then selling your home as is may be the right option. But knowing how to sell a home that is in need of repair isn't easy.

We are here to help. Read on for 6 top tips for selling your home as is (no matter what condition)!

Selling Your Home Casandra Properties

1. Do a Pre-Listing Inspection

When you sell a home you need to give buyers detailed information about the condition of the house. The best way to ensure you can do this is a pre-listing inspection.

This inspection will find everything that is wrong with the property, making sure you are selling in good faith. It could also inform some cheap but worthwhile renovation work, but we'll go into that later.

2. Get Estimates for Repairs

Once you know what needs repair, it is sensible to get estimates of the cost of these repairs. This helps to inform your sale price, and lets you be honest with buyers.

This also has benefits when negotiating. Many buyers will try to bring down the price by overstating repair costs. Having quotable costs will help you keep your price where you want it.

3. Carry out (Some) Repairs

Now you know how much all the repairs cost, you can assess whether any are worth doing. It may be a hassle, but if a repair job will increase your home value by more than it costs, it is worth considering.

Be careful though. Money isn't the only thing to consider when selling. Many repair jobs can be time consuming, which may make them unsuitable.

4. Price Sensibly

When selling a big-ticket item like a home, we always want to get as much money as possible. But make sure you list at a fair price.

The property market changes all the time, so make sure you do your research. You need to look at recent sales in your area, especially homes similar to yours.

5. Use a House Buying Company

If you want a no-hassle sale, then the fastest way to sell is to an all-cash home buying company. This is a stress-free way of selling any home, and there is no danger of your buyer pulling out.

Some of these companies can turn an offer around within 24 hours of you submitting your property! When selling, be sure to to check google for "we buy houses company near me."

6. Market it Correctly

When selling a fixer-upper home, it is important to set expectations and focus on the positives.

Location, floor plan, and lot size are always important, regardless of the state of your home. If parts of your home do not need repair, make sure potential buyers know this. But be honest - stretching the truth may get you more viewings, but it won't help you make a sale.

Tips for Selling Your Home as Is

So there you have it. By following our tips you can ensure you get a quick sale and fair price when selling your home as is. Makes sure you are informed before selling, be honest and always consider your options.

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