5 Tips to Be a Successful First Time Landlord

Posted by Casandra Properties on Sunday, August 25th, 2019 at 11:16am.

Did you know that over one-third of Americans rent their home?

With so many people interested in renting, becoming a landlord can be a lucrative and rewarding job for anyone.

Are you interested in becoming a first time landlord? If so, here are 5 key tips that will help you succeed.

First Time Landlord Casandra Properties

1. Every First Time Landlord Needs a Team of Professionals

Real estate investing is serious business whether it's your first or fifth property. This is why it's crucial to gather a team of experienced professionals who can help you navigate the confusing legal and financial matters. Real estate agents, lawyers, and accountants will be able to ensure your investment is safe and profitable in the long run.

Since each state has different property laws, it's important to take your time reviewing your responsibilities as a landlord. Once you start renting, you'll also need to stay up to date on every legal change that affects your business.

2. Screen Each Tenant Application

Even if you have a great work ethic, you won't enjoy being a landlord if you have troublesome tenants. One of the most important steps in the first time landlord guide is to screen each tenant application carefully.

Aside from credit and background checks, you'll also want to see if they would make a nice addition to your community. Meeting potential residents is the best way to get a feel for their personality.

3. Create Firm Rules and Stick with Them

One of the most valuable landlord tips is to make sure you remain friendly yet firm at all times. If you set a date for when rent is due, you need to collect everyone's payment on that day. If anyone misses their payment, you need to reprimand them in accordance with your lease agreement.

It's never fun feeling like the bad guy, but you have to remember that you're running a business. In order to stay profitable, every tenant needs to understand and obey your rules.

4. Stay on Top of Maintenance and Repairs

Maintaining and repairing your property will not only make your accommodations more appealing for current and future tenants, but you'll also avoid potential legal troubles.

Hiring part-time or seasonal help can save you time and money instead of trying to do each task yourself. Keeping a reliable handyman on-call at all times will also be a valuable investment for your tenants' satisfaction.

5. Be Prepared for Vacancies and Other Financial Issues

In a perfect world, every resident would give you proper notice and you'd have an endless stream of tenants to snatch up each vacancy.

Although becoming a landlord is a lucrative career, every property owner can go through some rough patches. 

One of the best landlord tips to avoid financial hardship is to build an emergency savings account that you can access whenever you experience any issues.

Being a Landlord for the First Time Can Be Simple

If you follow these 5 tips, becoming a first time landlord can be an amazing experience.

Are you interested in learning more great landlord advice? If so, Casandra Properties has all of the information you need.

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