5 Tips On How To Create A Social Distancing Environment In An Office

Posted by Casandra Properties on Tuesday, January 19th, 2021 at 8:41am.

2020 will always be remembered as the year of Covid-19. The highly contagious virus has spread throughout the entire world having a damaging impact on how we live our daily lives. Schools, hospitals, businesses, gyms the list goes on, are not the same as they used to be. To help reduce the spread of the virus we are told by experts to socially distance, wear masks, and stay at home. In some cases, socially distancing can prove to be difficult. In areas like offices, many people are trying to figure out a solution to stop the spread of the virus by adding a social distance area. This will help people to keep 2 meters apart from each other. 

Social Distancing In Offices

Creating A Social Distancing Area In An Office

For a long time in 2020 people have been forced to work from home. Depending on what country or area they live in, many people have returned to their place of work. For many, this was a daunting process as most people felt a lot safer at home because their human contact was minimal. On the other hand, many more people couldn’t wait to get things back to a type of normality. So, to create a safe environment for workers to do their jobs, employers, Covid-19 experts, and construction workers have been brainstorming on what might be the best solution. 

Create A Temporary Room In An Large Office Floor

An office floor that normally has lots of employees can be a dangerous area for the spread of Covid-19. Some employers have decided to create a private office on these floors using temporary walls. It can be a great idea for an open area that needs to be separated into smaller zones. The corrugated plastic sheets that are used, are light and simple to assemble. They can also be used to create hallways and storage rooms. For more information about setting up these temporary walls visit Trimaco.

Move The Layout Of The Office Floor

The first thing you should do before allowing employees or customers back into your place of work is to have each of the employees' workstations facing away from each other. Also, they need to be kept 2 meters apart from each other. Again, if this is not possible, perhaps installing temporary walls or Plexiglass to separate each employee's desks will help. Putting tape marks to help employees see what is a safe distance from each other can also be a great help. Sometimes it can be difficult trying to guess the distance by just looking, so having accurate tape marks can prove to be a good solution. 

What Changes Can Be Made In The Reception Area?

Before Covid-19 the reception area in a lot of businesses is the place that sees the most amount of people. If possible, ask people to call or send a message online instead of coming in. If this is not possible, you can take the seating away and have markers on the floor for where they should stand. You can also move the chairs 2 meters apart, but sometimes this can take up too much room in a reception area and might even cause a fire hazard. 

Reduce The Number Of People That Are Allowed In A Meeting Room

Virtual meetings have become the new normal. However, if logging on to Zoom with your fellow workers is not possible, you should reduce the number of people that should join the meeting. Only have a certain amount of chairs at the meeting table and make sure that each chair is 2 meters apart. Meetings should not go on too long and the room should be regularly sanitized to help reduce the spread of the virus. 

Break Rooms Should Have Rules

Break rooms are often a place for staff members to socialize with each other. Having signs explaining the dangers of Covid-19, along with markers on the floor and plenty of hand sanitizer available can help employees stay safe. This area should be sanitized more than five times per day assuming there are lots of people constantly coming in and out.  Break times should be separated so not all staff members go for lunch or a coffee break at the same time. If there is a vending machine in the break room that allows staff members to buy snacks or drinks it must be constantly sanitized. The same goes for coffee machines and water coolers. If there is communal cutlery, cups, and dishes perhaps requesting the staff members to bring their own with them to work might be worthwhile.


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