By Brian McGowan

Real Estate is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States and there is no more competitive place for buying and selling real estate than in New York City.

For people who find Manhattan real estate prices out of reach, the outer boroughs are quickly becoming acceptable locations to invest their real estate dollars. Staten Island is no exception – in fact, Staten Island’s north shore is becoming the hot new place to buy both commercial and residential real estate.

With construction for the New York Wheel, Empire Outlets and Lighthouse Point under way, and the first residents of Urby Staten Island moving into their new, people shaped apartments, all eyes are on Staten Island. So if you are considering buying or selling real estate in this quickly emerging borough, it is important that you choose a Staten Island real estate broker who can help you achieve your goals.

Below are the five things to consider when choosing a Staten Island Real Estate Broker:

1) Experience – Your Staten Island real estate broker should have experience in Staten Island commercial and residential sales as well retail leasing. This is important because Staten Island is a unique community where properties can list and sell before they hit the “official” real estate market. An experienced Staten Island real estate broker will know where to look for these properties or, in the case you are looking to sell, know who is seeking to buy. Even the largest Manhattan real estate firms have a difficult time completing transaction on Staten Island simply because they don’t have enough experience in the borough.

2) Knowledge – Your Staten Island real estate broker must know the borough. Having an intimate knowledge of which areas are in expected to get a retail boost, or which areas are zoned for expansion can help you whether you are interested in buying/selling commercial or residential property. Off island real estate brokers don’t have this type of knowledge because (until now) they weren’t interested in Staten Island.
3) Contacts – Your Staten Island real estate broker must have a good working relationship with a healthy database of potential buyers and sellers. Knowing who is looking to buy or sell property is the key to a quick and profitable transaction for all parties. If your Staten Island real estate broker doesn’t know who is who in the borough, the likelihood of you achieving your real estate goals diminishes greatly.

4) Vision – Your Staten Island real estate broker should have the vision and foresight to know which neighborhoods are established, which are emerging and which are zoned to achieve your real estate goals. Staten Island doesn’t run on a grid system like the other four boroughs so it is imperative for your Staten Island real estate broker to understand the borough’s neighborhoods so that your vision can become a reality.

5) Good Track Record – Your Staten Island real estate broker should have a proven track record of achieving his/her client’s goals. Anyone can say they know Staten Island real estate, but only a few Staten Island real estate brokers have a proven track record in the areas of commercial real estate sales, residential real estate sales, retail leasing and real estate consulting.

Casandra Properties is a proven leader in Staten Island real estate. With over $1 Billion in real estate transactions, no one sell or leases more Staten Island real estate than Casandra Properties. Our Commercial real estate and retail leasing team has literally changed the way people look at Staten Island with their proactive leadership in large scale projects such as Empire Outlets, Urby Staten Island and Riverside Galleria to name a few.

Our residential real estate team are award winners, achieving “Hall of Fame” status from the Staten Island Board of Realtors.

I have personally set a record for the highest price paid for a north shore waterfront property with the sale of Edgewater Plaza.

If you are looking for a Staten Island real estate broker to list your property or are interested in purchasing a property on Staten Island, call me today to set up an appointment 718 816 7799