5 Things That Can Kill You in Your Home: Is Your House Deadly?

Posted by Casandra Properties on Wednesday, August 19th, 2020 at 11:07am.

Humans are a funny bunch. We create homes to keep us safe and protect, yet fill them with many things that can kill you! Did you know there are 30,000 accidental deaths in U.S. homes each year? That's quite a bit, and a great majority could be prevented.

Luckily, us humans have the drive to survive and the knowledge of what might harm us and how to protect ourselves against it. So if you're looking to survive and avoid what can kill you in your home, read on to learn some potential dangers.  

Things That Can Kill You In Your Home


When thinking of dangerous places in the home, the kitchen probably comes to mind. The things that can kill you in your kitchen are numerous. There are appliances that can start fires, chemicals under the sink, and your drawers are full of sharp knives that can be used as weapons or can accidentally sever arteries.

But the dangers don't end there.

Do you know those beloved non-stick pans that are so near and dear to you? They are coated in a potentially harmful chemical called polytetrafluoroethylene, aka Teflon. This chemical coating will chip off over time and you will unknowingly ingest it bit by bit as it mixes in with your food. 

Oh, and once you're done using your pans, be sure to turn off the gas to your range. Carbon monoxide is a leading cause of poisoning death in the home.

Cleaning Your Bathroom

Its a routine household chore but the dangers are many. And you can't opt-out of this one, because not cleaning your bathroom will kill you too. 

We often use strong chemicals like bleach to sanitize surfaces in our bathroom. Bleach can cause death if ingested and leave serious chemical burns on your skin. It should also never be mixed with ammonia, as the combination will release a toxic gas that can kill you.

Not Cleaning Your Bathroom

Bleach is very effective against mold, which thrives in the warm and wet environment we create in our bathrooms. When left untreated, mold can cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems, central nervous system damage, even cancer. This guide can be used to help you determine if you suffer from a mold problem. Treat mold as soon as you see it because it can spread and cause major health problems. 


Ladder use in the home is necessary to reach higher places and doesn't typically raise any alarms or pose a threat. But in the US alone, there are around 300 ladder deaths each year. Most of those falls are from heights of 10 feet or less. So any time you use a ladder you should follow safety guidelines and watch your step. 

Your Television

Your television can kill you in more ways than one. First, make sure it is securely mounted to your wall or your TV stand. A topping TV can easily kill a small child. Once your TV is mounted to the wall, don't watch it too much! Leading the sedentary life of a couch potato could easily cause heart disease and early death.

Awareness Protects Against Things That Can Kill You

Simply knowing the dangers around you, and teaching them to your children, will help protect you against things that can kill you in your home. After all, a home should be a place where we feel safe and secure. If you enjoyed this article, check out some other posts on our blog!


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