5 Stunning LED Lighting Design Trends to Watch

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Lighting is one of the essential factors when designing a particular space. It can influence our mood and ambiance, from gloomy and unattractive to warm and bright. Our lighting in homes, workplaces, and other places make a difference in design. 

Lighting can improve moods, highlight pieces, and save you money. It can also simplify your tasks by lighting your path while doing a certain task, like reading. Lighting continues to change in many ways, from colors to shapes. 

Ever wondered what the latest lighting designs of the year are? Well, here are five of the most stunning LED lighting designs you can try today!

LED Lighting Design Trends

1. Soft Gold Is the New Favored Finish

There's been a huge spike in the popularity of lights with soft colors. Many homeowners now go for grey or greige, which is a mix of grey and beige. However, soft gold takes the medal for the most chosen color for contemporary homes. 

Soft gold falls in the middle of brushed gold and brushed silver. It has a gold, matte finish of the two hues while bringing out gold's mellowness and warmth. This color can blend with almost every kind of decor, from farmhouse to modern urban. 

Soft gold lighting comes in a variety of designs and styles. It would be best to use soft gold lighting to bring attention to certain areas or corners of your living room. You can place a soft gold reading lamp to illuminate your reading chair or the shelf in the corner. 

2. Attention on the Accentuations

Accent lighting has been a trend for a few years now. Art pieces and art decor can shine with proper lighting that can accentuate your design's best features. It can also add drama to a room since it creates visual interest. 

You can also use lighting to highlight your outdoor landscapes, window treatments, and a brick wall's texture. Accent lighting has the power to influence the atmosphere and mood of a room. Add depth to your room by layering LED, floor lamps, table lamps, and scones. 

Before placing your accent lighting, make sure you consider how you want each room to feel. Be sure also to note the elements that you want to accentuate and hide. The accent lights should be three to five times stronger than your ambient lighting. 

With accent lights, you also improve your nighttime safety. It can prevent you from stubbing your toe in the middle of the night while you head to your fridge for midnight snacks. 

3. It's All About the Shapes 

The polished, bold curves and angles of geometric lighting make them one of the constant lighting trends. They look great from any angle and works as a central lighting piece. You can have them suspended or recessed to improve and double your ambient and architectural lighting. 

This lighting design is bold, which is suitable for contemporary and traditional environments. Geometric lighting is also very unique, but it fits well with modern homes. You can go from simple LED lighting designs to big and bold shapes. 

One of the classics is the diamond pendant that can place in your dining room or the children's room. If you want to have more grown-up and industrial lighting, you should go for a geometric glass pendant. Placing any geometric-shaped lighting will make your room look more minimal and industrial.

4. Smart Lights 

Smart lighting technology has the world of lighting multifaced. It all started with the introduction of LED lighting fixtures. Smart lighting is an excellent way for homeowners to customize their lights. 

Smart lighting uses LED bulbs, which can slash its energy consumption by up to 90%. It can save the environment and your money. Smart lights are also great for stimulating your biological clockwork by fading when you sleep and wake up. 

One of the features of smart lights is the ability to customize your lights through your mobile phone. You can use an application to control the temperature and color. It's also easy to dim the lights in different rooms with a single app or equipment. 

Smart lights are useful for rooms that need lux level adjustments depending on the tasks in the room. It also plays a role in creating different ambient lighting and moods by changing the colors. Some systems can also connect to other systems, such as Alexa, Siri, and Bixby. 

Buying smart bulbs are one of the best investments you can make for home safety. If you tend to leave your house, you can set your lights to turn on and off at a particular time to make it seem that someone is home. Most smart light bulbs have motion detection sensors, which makes them energy-sufficient. 

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5. Conscious and Organic Lighting 

Architectural designs are slowly digressing from parallel and symmetrical mirroring patterns. Linear lines are great for highlighting asymmetrical architectural lines and features. However, lighting designers are now straying away from the standard parallel rows of lights and fixtures. 

Now, there are plenty of custom length linear commercial fixtures that you can place on your walls and ceilings. It can come in snake-like patterns, zigzags, and other asymmetrical designs. Another great step for architectural lighting is the movement for organic lights. 

Many lighting industries transform waste materials, raw organic, and by-products into something new. For example, using thrown away raw wood pieces to transform them into stunning decorative luminaires. Since many offices feel enclosed and far from natural, this trend is a great turn. 

It can change the workplace ambiance while giving offices lighting features that add a touch of nature. Lighting can change a lot in the workplace, like the productivity and mental of employees. This is one of the best lighting design trends that can benefit our environment. 

Jump on These LED Lighting Design Trends

These LED lighting designs can change so much of your atmosphere and mood. Try out soft gold lighting to organic lighting to benefit not only your home but also you and your family. 

Light your everyday life with these lighting trends! You can check out more information about lighting trends with our other guides and posts. 

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