5 Modern Office Lighting Ideas to Boost Productivity

Posted by Casandra Properties on Thursday, June 4th, 2020 at 1:23pm.

Without the proper lighting in an area, it is easy to get drowsy. If your employees seem sluggish, you might want to look at the lighting you're providing in the office.

Finding creative office lighting ideas to help you light up your space can help people's eyesight and more as well as their productivity. Continue reading this article for the best office lighting solutions for your business.

Office Lighting Ideas

What Role Does Lighting Play in Productivity?

If you've been using any old lighting in your office, you might not be aware of how much you're hurting your office's productivity.

Having good lighting helps your workers by increasing their overall wellbeing, which will allow them to work without illness or feeling the blues. The way a room is lit also affects the body’s circadian rhythm, which is your internal clock.

1. Recessed Lighting

Using recessed lighting in your office will allow you to provide plenty of even light, and it will be aesthetically pleasing. If you feel like your office space is a little cramped, or you like a clean look, then recessed lighting can be the best solution for you.

If you're still not sure, you can speak with a commercial lighting contractor to find out more about your options.

2. Ditch the Curtains and Let the Natural Light In

If your office has blinds or curtains that are keeping out the natural light, open those up and let the light shine in. Natural light is very healthy, and since most office workers work during the day, it shouldn't be a problem allowing the sun to provide the light.

While you might have to pay a little more for air conditioning because the sun provides warmth, you might have a lower heating bill during the winter months.

3. Floor Lamps

If you don't want to take up more space on your desk, consider getting a floor lamp. There are many adjustable, dimmable floor lamps that can give you just the right light at just the right angle.

Make sure the floor lamp of your choice is tall enough to give you the angles you need for the lighting.

4. Track Lighting

Using track lighting can give your office some character while it still provides plenty of brightness. It's a very simple set up with a bar that has lights on it that you hang over the workspace.

5. Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are usually positioned over desks or conference tables. They draw the eye up, and they provide plenty of light. There are a lot of different styles you can choose from so it will fit your office's style.

Office Lighting Ideas Everyone Will Love

Now you have some great office lighting ideas. If you have some flexibility, let your employees weigh in on the lighting they would like to see in their space.

Do you want to learn more about office design and other important topics? Keep reading our blog for the topics that matter most.

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