5 Exterior Home Renovation Ideas You'll Love

Posted by Casandra Properties on Tuesday, October 27th, 2020 at 9:04am.

With the right kind of effort and ideas, remodeling your home can be a rewarding and creative project! Renovation projects can also end up costing you a lot of time, money, and work. 

The key to finding the right amount of fun and inspiration comes from planning. By finding unique and creative exterior home renovation ideas, you can put a lot of love and passion into your home! 

Let's dip into 5 interesting areas that can make an impact on your home's exterior. Any of these could very well be the key to your next great project! 

Exterior Home Renovation Ideas

1. Fun With Shingles and Siding

Your roof may not seem like a big pick for interesting renovation projects, but there is a lot more to it than you may think. The style and color of a roof can help to ground the rest of the house's design. Not to mention that a damaged room can be one of the most pressing issues to deal with. 

A lot of this comes down to shingles, which cover a wide range of design and function in your home. You can read more about them in this post

Siding is another option that can complement some solid shingle work. From wood siding for a rustic feel to a more industrious metal paneling, you can find a lot of options with simple siding changes. 

2. New Spot Colors for Doors and Windows

Windows and doors are often perfect for sharp and obvious contrast colors. While an orange house may seem tacky, an orange door or window frame can make for excellent spot color. 

A simple repair job on your doors and window frames can bring some fantastic color into your home's exterior. 

3. Return of Shutters

Most modern houses have foregone a lot of classic and rustic styles. The biggest item that often goes missing from modern houses is the shutters. Another item that can provide both design and function, the shutter can bring some contrasting colors, some unique designs, and even some storm protection.

4. Deck, Porches, or Portico

A beautiful deck or porch is often a holy grail of sorts for many homeowners. They provide a wonderful spot to relax and enjoy the weather, add a great amount of space to your home, and make perfect spots for summer gatherings.

Decks and porches are also very expensive to add to a home. There is a third option in the portico. A portico is a smaller space that makes for a nice entry porch with a roof and columns. Porticos have a lot of design options and the small space can add a great bit of welcoming beauty to your home. 

5. Landscaping Renewal

Nothing says a beautiful home like a wonderful yard or garden to accompany it. 

Landscaping can range from adding or removing a tree to trimming up some decorative hedges or even planting some beautiful and colorful flowers. Whatever arrangement fits your fancy and expresses your idea of a beautiful home is a great home renovation project.

Getting Exterior Home Renovation Ideas for Your Next Property

Working with exterior home renovation ideas often means finding the right balance between designer impact and work effort. Each of these projects doesn't have to involve intense effort but they can add a powerful new look to your household. 

A lot of details can go into even the simplest of property management projects. Check out our other articles for great ways to improve and manage your properties. 

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