5 Essential Security System Features to Feel Safe and Secure at Your Home or Office

Posted by Casandra Properties on Saturday, November 28th, 2020 at 4:13pm.

There were more than 1,400,000 burglaries in 2017 alone.

Those offenses amounted to approximately $3.4 billion in property loss. One sure way to lower your risk of being victimized by burglary is to invest in a security system.

Thanks to wireless technology, keeping your family safe and secure with a home security system is now an affordable option. But besides a wired or wireless system, there are a few other features you'll want to consider before making the purchase.

Keep reading to learn what to look for when you're shopping home security.

Home Security Features

Wireless Security Versus Wired

Wired security systems are exactly that: a system that's wired throughout your home. The alarms, sensors, cameras, and detectors are connected together through either electric or telephone lines.

Wireless systems are of course the next logical step in our increasingly wireless world. Wireless systems connect all the equipment to the main control panel using radio signals. That makes them easy to install, move, and upgrade.

Integration With Smart Home Technology

Perhaps the best part of a wireless security system is the fact that it can be integrated with your smart home network. Many systems are connected to an app that can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

That means you can monitor what's going on in your home from anywhere in the world. You can also control equipment from those devices, which gives you even more peace of mind.

How Cameras Make You Safe and Secure

There are door alarms that alert you when any equipped door is opened. The same types of alarms work on windows. But a security system that keeps your home and family safe and secure should also have a camera system.

Security cameras are made for both inside and outside the home. They allow you to keep an eye around your home and property, they're often motion activated, and they provide video evidence should anything happen within their vicinity. But they can also help you keep track of your children and pets or call for help should there be a medical emergency.

A Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Older fire and carbon monoxide alarms just don't cut it when it comes to keeping your family safe and secure. They're limited to the area of the home in which they're installed. That is, a place you might not hear it or somewhere far away from where a fire or carbon monoxide leak starts.

The latest fire and carbon monoxide alarms are, of course, wireless. They detect rises in temperature or carbon monoxide levels and alert you on your smart home network. That means you get notifications of potential fires or poisoning immediately, and which can make all the difference in limiting damage.

A Telescoping Tower

A telescoping tower is a mast fitted with a camera, lighting, or an antenna. These portable devices can be hitched almost anywhere. Small enough to be considered portable, they can be deployed within minutes if needed.

Telescoping towers are used by the military, law enforcement, and government and private agencies. They might be something you consider to feel safe and secure in your home or your office. Make sure to consider these things when you're looking for a telescoping tower that suits your needs.

All Things Real Estate

Making your family and home safe and secure is as easy as installing wireless home security. Completely affordable, easy to install, and even easier to upgrade, the best security system is a combination of cameras, monitoring, and a smart home network that lets you do all of it from your phone, tablet, or computer.

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