5 Common Ways to Use Solar Energy at Home

Posted by Casandra Properties on Thursday, June 25th, 2020 at 3:58pm.

Millions of people across the country are adopting solar energy for reasons that go from saving money to aiding the environment. Despite recent economic downturns, we expect that the many things people love about solar will sustain its continued adoption.

If you've considered solar in the past but aren't sure how it can impact your life, keep reading. We're sharing common ways to use solar energy at home.

Solar Panels Energy

1. Cooking Food

For those of you that haven't seen solar cooking in action yet, run a Google search and check it out. It's incredible how manufacturers have managed to channel an unlimited energy source (the sun) into one of the more integral needs humanity has (eating).

You can purchase everything from solar hot plates to full-on solar-powered barbecues.

2. Charging Your Car

The rise of the electric vehicle has been incredible over the last decade. Brands like Tesla exemplify that success in the way of impressive sales and jaw-dropping technology.

Whether you own a Tesla or a more economical electric brand, with solar panels strapped to your home's roof, you can charge your vehicle without spending a dime. Imagine a world where there are no more gas pumps and no more heightened electric bills to get to the places you need to go!

3. Heating Water

Water heaters can be a huge suck on your gas or electric bill, which is why solar-powered heaters have picked up steam in recent years. These units sit outside where they can get access to sunlight or have extendable panels that can go outside and filter power back into your garage.

Solar-powered water heaters have the ability to warm everything from your sink's tap to your pool.

4. Lighting Your Path

If you have a large backyard, there are likely corners of it that don't enjoy the benefit of your patio's lighting. In these cases, we love using solar-powered lights that can exist off of your grid, charge during the day, and emit powerful light in the evening.

Seeing as how a lit yard is a safer one, solar-powered lighting is among the best ways to use solar energy that you can invest in.

For those of you that need more brightness than stand-alone solar lighting offers, PoweredPortableSolar.com talks about portable solar generators that can charge up more energy-intensive, off-grid lights.

5. Powering Your Home

At the end of the day, anything you can power by plugging it into your wall can be powered by solar energy. All it takes is the right amount of panels fixed to your roof and living in an area that enjoys reasonable sun exposure.

If you're interested in having every ounce of energy that flows into your phone, television, internal light fixtures and more powered by the sun, invest in solar today!

The Ways to Use Solar Energy Are Virtually Limitless

Anything that can be powered by fossil fuels can be powered by solar. We hope our quick list of ways to use solar energy has inspired you to leap towards a more sustainable future by pricing a panel install and considering following through with it.

If you'd like more tips on solar, real estate, or anything in between, keep reading our blog!

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