5 Backyard Upgrades the Whole Family Will Love

Posted by Casandra Properties on Sunday, January 24th, 2021 at 12:15pm.

Is your backyard a place where everyone loves to spend time? If not, it needs some upgrades to create a space that's lounge-worthy and activity-friendly. 

People spend more time at home these days than at any time in recent history. A desirable backyard helps motivate you to get out in the sun and stay active while staying close to home. 

What can you do to create a better backyard space? Here are five backyard upgrades your whole family will love! 

Backyard Updates You Will Love

1. Build a Deck

Set the stage! Your backyard needs a well-built deck or patio to create space for seating and launch the other aspects of your backyard makeover.

The right deck fits nicely into the style of your home, and you don't need to overspend to build a space that adds character and practicality. Be sure to follow safety best practices and building codes when adding a deck to your home! 

2. Add a Pool

With a new deck, you also need a pool for everyone to enjoy! Adding a pool to your backyard provides a safe place for you and your family to enjoy the sun and water fun—without worrying about social distancing rules at your local or city pool. 

Choose a reputable installer when adding a pool to your backyard space. A custom pool designer like saharapoolbuilder.com creates a pool that fits your space and property aesthetics. A pool should blend into your home's design while creating a new focal point for fun!

3. Illuminate It

New lighting adds charm (and safety) to your outdoor living space. Café lights, walking path illumination, and solar-powered tiki torches create ambiance and show off your newly-updated backyard oasis. 

Reduce energy costs with LED and solar-powered lighting options to enhance your backyard design. Increase your security with motion lights in critical places that won't interfere with mood lighting while helping to deter intruders from your home. 

4. Add Comfortable Seating

Enjoying your renovated backyard space required comfortable seating! Your family and guests deserve deck and poolside seating that fits the decor while creating a space to lounge and enjoy your space. 

Choose weather-proof materials to help minimize damage from wind, rain, and sun. Cover your furniture when not in use or during off-season months to prolong the lift of chairs and outdoor sofas. 

5. Create Fire

Whether it's a fire pit, an outdoor grilling station, or both, adding fire to your backyard makes it a space you can enjoy year-round. A day of activity around the pool requires a meal from the grill to keep everyone fed. During colder months, gather around a well-built fire pit to stay warm, tell stories, and roast marshmallows. 

The Right Backyard Upgrades Create Year-Round Fun! 

You have a backyard throughout the year. With the right backyard upgrades, you can enjoy the space year-round! 

Quality, thoughtful upgrades also add value to your home. Avoid cheap updates that can lower your property values or create a safety hazard. For more property insights, be sure to browse our blog! 

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