4 Marketing Hacks for Moving Companies

Posted by Casandra Properties on Thursday, February 25th, 2021 at 10:44am.

Are you trying to drum up some new business for your moving company? Not enough moving companies focus time on their marketing, meaning they get overshadowed by the bigger and more recognizable names. Does this sound familiar? 

Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways to help boost your customer base. Keep reading for 4 of our favorite marketing hacks!

Marketing Hacks For Moving Companies

1. Know Your Audience

Too many moving companies pay no attention to their target audience. They get it into their minds that all people in their area are their target customers, but is this true? 

While everyone has the possibility to need a moving company if you pick specific groups to target you'll end up with more success. 

For example, what are the demographics of your local area? If your business is somewhere where there are plenty of families with young children, marketing to parents is a great idea. If your business is near a university, you should target young adults. 

You can't have a successful marketing plan without a target audience in mind.

2. Network With Local Companies

Have you worked on building local networks? As a moving company, you have a lot of potential here. 

While many people looking for movers are finding their homes on sites like USA Home Listings and leaving their neighborhoods, others are making smaller moves.

Some may be moving from one apartment to another. Others may only be moving furniture out of their homes. Why not partner with a local property management company that can give your name to their renters? 

This is a great way to get new customers that otherwise wouldn't have heard of your business. 

3. Ask for Reviews

How often are you asking your clients for reviews, or to spread the word about who they used for their move? 

If you're not doing this, you're missing out. Not only do these customers then use valuable word-of-mouth advertising, but they can also write reviews online on your Google My Business page or Facebook. 

If you get high reviews on your Google My Business page, it boosts your SEO. While you should never bribe your customers for good reviews, you can include a card requesting a review or offer some kind of incentive for any and all reviews. 

4. Start a Blog

Have you ever wondered why so many businesses have online blogs? Many people think that blogs are what existed in the times of LiveJournal, but nowadays they serve other purposes as well.

Blogs that use valuable keywords and offer useful information are used to build a website's SEO. When people find your blog after putting in a search query, they can make their way to your services page as well, making them new customers.

These Marketing Hacks Will Help Your Moving Company

Use some of these marketing hacks to get more customers using your moving services. Whether you're going the digital or traditional route, upgrading your marketing skills will boost your business and help make your team the most popular movers in town. 

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