4 Benefits of Using We Buy Houses For Cash Services In Houston

Posted by Casandra Properties on Saturday, August 22nd, 2020 at 2:21pm.

Are you looking for an incredibly fast way of selling your home? Most homeowners have neither the time nor the patience to wait for their realtors to find serious buyers, as the process might get prolonged for more than a couple of months.

Those individuals like me, who face medical emergencies, foreclosure, or loss of jobs are in a rush to sell their properties. The only feasible way to sell my house fast is by hiring a cash home buyer, which takes no more than two weeks to complete a property sale. 

These are the key benefits of using such services. 

We Buy Houses For Cash

No wasted time

Probably the greatest benefit of selling your house for cash is wasting no time on the standard home selling experience, which might take weeks or even months to get completed. Cash house buyers aren’t required to experience the time-consuming nature of the mortgage application process, as these professionals are already equipped with the necessary budget to finance the sale.

In addition, selling your property to such a company exempts you from the responsibility to collaborate with a real estate agent, whose role is to assist you in the sale process. Most homeowners end up waiting for weeks for realtors to inspect the residence, place it on the real estate market, and stage it for open house events. 

Nevertheless, the process of collaborating with a cash property buyer would take no more than two weeks to complete the transaction. You’re only supposed to submit an online form with the essential information about your home, wait for the company to contact you about the details, and provide you with a favorable offer. Most home buying companies provide homeowners with a one-week period to decide whether to accept or decline the offer. 

No repairs

Another major benefit of selling your property to such professionals is not being required to make any repairs to its existing condition. The standard process of property repair and upgrades is both time-consuming and expensive for homeowners, who are obliged to fix even the most minor defects. Even if the residence is in a solid condition, they’re still expected to repaint the walls and make the place look pristine. 

Furthermore, when undergoing the traditional journey of selling a house, home inspectors and appraisers tend to request making certain repairs to the property before the new homeowners move in. Such changes are required for the purpose of persuading buyers in making a purchase, which isn’t the case with home buying companies. Visit this page to learn more about the job of appraisers. 

In contrast, cash property buyers aren’t demanding when it comes to the condition of real estate they purchase, taking no notice of damaged floors, leaks, or furnace issues. Keep in mind that these companies tend to provide lower offers than the standard value of real estate in the market. However, the budget that you’ll invest in repairing the estate is almost identical to the extra amount of money you’ll get from selling the house through a realtor.

No realtor fees

Paying no money for realtor and closing fees is yet another incredible benefit of selling your property for cash. Hiring a real estate agent to assist you in the sale process would cost at least three percent commission to a maximum of six percent commission fees. 

Moreover, homeowners are expected to pay the required fees even if the realtor makes no special effort to arrange a good deal. Additionally, some realtors have started charging an additional fee for advertising the properties of sellers on the market. Conversely, cash house buyers charge no commission, hence giving the whole sum to the client.

No foreclosure

Ultimately, selling the house to cash home buyers has helped numerous homeowners avoid foreclosure, when failing to handle the mortgage payments. Instead of allowing the bank to seize your estate and sell it for a ridiculous price, you can get more money from house buying companies, perhaps enough to pay the mortgage off. The following link, https://www.thebalance.com/foreclosure-basics-1798178, explains the stages of the foreclosure process.

Bottom line

Hiring such professionals is the fastest way to sell a house.

Give it some thought! 

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